The kidneys reflex to the ears. Kids with ear infections can be eating too many mucus-forming foods. Their eustachian tubes are too little to handle any swelling. Take them off dairy, wheat and corn. They may also be hearing arguing or too much loudness in the home. The ears will have a high-pitched ring (tinnitus), be itchy and dry, or painful to the touch. Palms of the hands may itch. Puffiness under the eyes indicates kidney imbalance. Great herbs for these water issues are Sweet Leaf (Monarda Fistulosa) in small-drop doses and Dandelion leaf. Often there is edema. The imprint of socks or wrist marks stay on the body with edema.

Kidneys hold the emotions of fear, lack of will and power. Experiences of sexual abuse are held in the reproductive organs and thighs.

Big earlobes indicate good kidney energy. A diagonal line in the earlobe indicates a collapsed capillary bed, in part from a lack of water. William always said, “Pull on your ears to get a better constitution.” Ears are inverted embryos; any tender points indicate pathology. Large ears are strong constitution, strong kidney energy, and long ears indicate longevity. On the time clock 3:00 to 5:00 pm is the kidney doldrums time. WL

When the ear disappears into the head and doesn’t have delineation the constitution is weaker. Outside ankles point to bladder. Inside ankles point to kidney.

When working with end-stage cancer clients, use some caution if they have edema. If the fluids are worked upward they will fill the lungs, bringing on pain and respiratory failure.

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