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Teaching students and practitioners to achieve optimum health.

You want to be a Practicing Herbalist?

Wonderful. I wrote this textbook just for you.  Well, you and people in other helping professions who want to understand the nuances of sitting with humans to really hear their medical histories, understand the subtleties of phrases and posture, learning to read the map of the organ system’s health on the face, fingernails, tongue, tone of voice and even the toes!  Be able to look at the tongue and body to define their dosha for compliance. (video of samples)

I have written this textbook to help you every step of the way. From preparing your space, your centerdness, your reactions, your words to how to greeet your client with awareness. How to set up your office space, apothecary, invoicing and book keeping and reminders to enjoy playing!

There are chapters on indications of colors, lines, markings, rashes, and more connecting to stomach, spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, liver, lungs, kidneys and the heart. Plus the extreme importance of understanding the endocrine markers and herbs and foods to assist balance with those dancers. By understanding these indications, you will cut your healing time by years, and learn other amazing tricks to share with your people.  Everyone loves to go home with some free tricks and activities to practice.

Send your people home with positive reminders of indications they have, “A plump juicy earlobe indicates strong kindey chi at birth- they can go through anything!” Empower yourself to habnd over the invoice with a smile and receive compensation for your time and education. Abundance!

Participants in my classes have been young and weathered herbal seekers, nurses, acupuncturists, nutritionists, homeopaths, doctors, aestheticians, massage therapists, mental balance therapists, CEOs of corporations, US Marine seargents, .high school home-schoolers and PHDs, and Mothers and Fathers just wanting to care for their loved ones.


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