Integrative Healing With Margi Flint

Teaching students and practitioners to achieve optimum health.

EarthSong Herbals

 is an integrative herbal practice in the lovely seaside town of Marblehead, MA.

Our goal is to have trained herbalists to sit with clients in the following ways.
To empower clients in achieving and maintaining optimum health.

To find the perfect herbs, hear the appropriate advice concerning foods, supplements, and movement.

To know when to refer out to one of the wonderful yoga, dance, cranio-sacral, massage or mental therapists, as well as acupuncturists, chiropractors, dentists, physical therapists, energy workers or doctors.

Meet Margi

Margi Flint Practices in the seacoast town of Marblehead, Massachusetts and over the past forty years has become their "village herbalist."


Music In The Garden

Jazz Garden Concerts

The best jazz musicians in a peaceful surrounding.

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I will leave something behind of great value to improve the world I live in and the planet I adore.  This book, my children, my clients finding their way to...
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Grateful Beyond Words

Yes! The Great Goddess, Saraswati, has blessed me.  620 pages and the fourth edition, the last edition, of The Practicing Herbalist indexed, and off to have one print made.  I...
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Creating Change

This weekend I shared William LeSassier’s face, tongue and nails class.  I loved his saying, that the indications of lines, blemishes and colors of the face is a historic record of...
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Seeing the Horizon: Thoughts from Margi

Here I sit writing at the computer. Completing the details, which are never-ending, for the fourth edition of The Practicing Herbalist. I continue to find statements about being an herbalist, sitting...
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Office hours are 9am-2pm EST,
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