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Grateful Beyond Words

Yes! The Great Goddess, Saraswati, has blessed me.  620 pages and the fourth edition, the last edition, of The Practicing Herbalist indexed, and off to have one print made.  I will have to read it again in a week.  I found this amazing sculpture in Kapa’a Hawaii when visiting my son Gabe and family many years ago.

The Goddess Saraswati is worshipped after placing books near her statue or a picture. People refrain from reading books on this day. That is just how I feel today.  I am grateful for writing this tome, this fourth edition of all the wisdom I hope to impart before I die, and I cannot read it at all today!  Enough!  I have final details left for others to complete.  The headshot for the cover.  Some herbal soul who has not read it at all.  I have read it too many times to even see glaring mistakes, repeated words or unfinished any things. a read through by an herbalist who has not read this life’s work…must live very nearby and read in a day or two.  Is that too much to ask? 

The entire cover designed, deciding on a printer and then the waiting.  What a journey this is in Covid times.  Printers without paper in the sturdy weights, or short on inks and cover boards.  The costs are incredibly higher and waiting times longer.  This will be a hard decision.  One that dips into the old-age savings big time. Sigh.

Saraswati is also referred to as “Druga” for fighting against “Drug”, a female demon in the ancient Vedas.  As I completed the last page of indexing, 90 pages of indexed words to guide you to all you may find helpful in practice, I felt like a demon was battling me.  Had been battling me since March when every book sold in twelve hours.  The Herbal Entrepeneurs Conference with Yolanda Joy in Italy.  Virtual life, no jet lag, and no fabulous Italian meals or wine, no walking ancient cobble stoned streets.  Just talking simply with a lovely being and speaking about what it is to practice herbal medicine. And like a lightning bolt, sales poured in and out they all went into the world.

Saraswati, spoken “Sarasvati” whose four arms represent the various aspects of human personality — learning, mind, intellect, alertness and ego.  She represents the feminine energy and the knowledge aspect of Brahma.  These four arms are also known to reflect the 4 Vedas — Rigveda, Atharvaveda, Samveda and Yajurveda.  She started being associated with literature, arts, music which encouraged organization of the universe.  In Hinduism, Saraswati is symbolic of intelligence, consciousness, creativity and education.  When I saw her, I knew she belonged in my office.  I wrapped her in layers of bubblewrap and she was my carry-on for the long journey home to New England.  She oversees and protects my space above the tinctures on the highest shelf.  Fairy wings and magic dust at her and the Swan’s feet.

One often sees Honey being offered to this goddess. Honey is symbolic of perfect knowledge and a lot of importance is attached to it.  Especially that I am a beekeeper.  What is herbal knowledge but pollination of the sweet knowledge that plants heal and carry us through our dance on this amazing planet?

Once my wonderful compilation master, Dawn Gregory, had walked out the door after a celebratory lunch in an outdoor café, I heard echos of my own demons.  I spoke to an old family friend on the sidewalk who asked about my husband.  Demons arose.  I have not had a husband for many years, the last man never truly held in the band that was marriage.  No wasband.  The demons rose up from gut to heart and ego saying “You are alone.”  No one awaits you in the big house to raise a glass and share this accomplishment with.  The Demeantors sucked the light and joy out and I succumbed to tears for many hours trying to find sleep or awakening always reaching for my mythical beloved.  Humans belong in relationship.

Goddess Saraswati holds a book in one of her hands. It represents that she is the epitome of true knowledge.  The rosary of crystals, in another hand, signifies the power of meditation and spirituality.  The musical instrument stands for her expertise in various art forms.  The fourth hand has a pot of sacred water that is symbolic of creative and purification powers.  Ritual Bathings are an important ceremony I have learned from Rosita Arvigo and Roceo Alarcon, with beach Roses, Rosa Rugosa, and other plant friends for what is spiritually needed.  Hours of prayer and gathering, cleansing and washing naked bodies from head to soles.  Sacred waters.  It is a delicate art to lift balls and an intact or circumcised penis while scrubbing each and every inch.

Saraswati is also associated with anuraga.  This refers to the fondness and respect for the rhythm of music used to express emotions and feelings.  And here I am, the Jazz Maven of Marblehead.  Bringing into the gardens and onto my deck, the most inspirational, attuned, high vibration original composing humans who understand connection, honoring each other’s gifts. Whose ripples pass into the winds to all of us, amongst the vines and trees, Epimediums, Roses, Mallows, Marblehead Peas and Cohoshs, Hawthorns and Linden and my beloved Ginkgo.  They are the best, I am particular and have an ear that needs pleasing plus a heart that needs nourishing.

Heart, those demons arise again, and even with my nearly perfect life, my heart desires the smiles and glasses raised, the look of celebration shared with my beloved.  The skip in my record.  You would think that so many years of affirmations and self-development would be manifest.  So, I set that sadness aside and rejoice in the love of Sarah and Gabe and Hannah and delicious grandchildren, friends, and students, and all the people I really don’t “know” but know me through my writings.  I do feel loved.  

Goddess Saraswati is also known to guide the souls of the deceased to find peace in their afterlife.  ‘Moksha”, as they say, is a part of the “divine knowledge” imparted by the goddess.  I have left something behind of great value to improve the world I live in and the planet I adore.  This book, my children, my clients finding their way to the plants, and students who carry on the teachings are my legacy.

Everyone has been so supportive and patient.  The book will have ink to paper, hard bound and sewn with real thread.  The cost, I shudder. 

So my friends I am grateful beyond words.  My breathing is deeper and shoulders lower.  I just shake my head and say “Wow.”  Margi

Creating Change

This weekend I shared William LeSassier’s face, tongue and nails class.  I loved his saying, that the indications of lines, blemishes and colors of the face is a historic record of a person’s life.  We carry our experience for all the world to see.  While teaching to this very intimate group I was able to share many stories of faces I have read and the fascinating tales shared by so many wonderful humans.

Weaving the herbs, our kin, into the tales for they are the magic potion entering into receptive bodies to dance and shift and carry wisdom deep into the tissues.  The person with repressed rage, hard facial expressions and boundary issues can call on 2 droppers of Chanka Piedra or half a drop of Celandine twice a week to soften the gallstones and increase their sense of safety on earth and with others.  Each person has unique needs and doses.  Teaching safe ways to express anger and allow the jaw to let tightness ease ripples throughout all the cells of the body.  Finding the words that have been held back for fear unexpressed, maybe not even consciously known is a step toward finding peace within. 

Clients arrive when they are ready to change.  The path may be gentle or rocky, the protocols followed bit by bit, the shifts subtle or blatantly obvious. Celebrate each moment of compliance and encourage a sense of inner power for whatever healthy state is the goal.  A few words of encouragement and recognition are the balm and reward for being brave enough to ask for help.  Practice well with an open heart. ~Margi.

Seeing the Horizon: Thoughts from Margi

Here I sit writing at the computer. Completing the details, which are never-ending, for the fourth edition of The Practicing Herbalist. I continue to find statements about being an herbalist, sitting with clients, and philosophy of life in general. I am nearing 600 pages, so a lectern may be needed. You can regularly switch out Christa Sinadinos’ The Essential Guide to Western Botanical Medicine and this final version of mine.  Both are weight bearing exercises.My textbook holds what wisdom I have gleaned from over forty years of practice. In that expanse of time so much has changed! You can discover all that some time before the holidays when this last edition is published.  Today I am reflecting on what it means to devote yourself to practice. My kids often remind me that I worked too long daily and often on holidays.  I don’t recommend that to those of you starting out.  Set regular hours and don’t let the off-hour calls come through. Holidays are meant to be spent with your own sweet loved ones. I felt I could not say “No.” if I was needed.  Yet, I had a family, and in retrospect, choosing focused time with them, well, saddens me to see that I let work overshadow joy. They do keep telling me that their childhoods were fine. They knew they were loved.  They were surrounded by incredible herbs and herbalists and were safe.That said, I wonder about the meaning of commitment to your path. In my seventy-plus years I have witnessed a huge change in the work ethics of those in my culture. To arrange for responsible, qualified help, be it a plumber, electrician, physical therapist or herbalist. Who do you refer out to?  Who is truly qualified and capable to pass the mantle to?Who will I send my late-stage cancer clients and other mysteriously ill people to? Having a series of certificates does not equal in-person face to face, heart to heart practice. Covid was a great opportunity to study, but putting together a tea that is palatable, a protocol that can be followed easily, and revisits which encourage acknowledging successes and encourage next steps is learned by doing.  All the papers on the wall mean nothing if the herbs have not spoken to you from within. When I walk into the herb closet or into the gardens, that is when the blending occurs and the herbs, our kin, speak.   I see the horizon. I know that my abilities to practice well with devotion are shifting. I need a Note Taker with me to capture all the details when sitting with clients.  Who sits with me in this role will be given all I have to offer. I am not interested in casual attendance.I no longer need to please everyone from that insecure place in the young Margi. I can say “No.” and “Yes, I can see you in a month or two.” I do not need to shift my calendar and miss what nourishes me personally outside of the joys of practice. This is a new time of being, of sharing selectively with the potent fecund ripeness of me. The point is, for all who take up this path, to twist and turn in the terrain, and grow into more of who you really are while experiencing learning through and with each illness manifesting in the client sitting before you. I had no choice on this path, the kin had their way with me, and now are offering their sweet reward to expand me in new ways. Joy.Now I am approaching that gorgeous time of life with the stunning sunsets and wanting to enjoy this ritual. I want the time to move and breath and feel loved. My heart reaches for the woodland walks and glimpses of bodies of water. I desire novels written exquisitely. I want to know my children and friends as they evolve.  I want to linger in the melting hugs and hand holding of my grandchildren.  Laughter!  Even the tears spilled from deep feelings of compassion, change and sadness are sacred.  Each day I want and choose joy.

Margi will be teaching Reading the Body LIVE in her garden August 14th and 15th here is the link for attending.  

Other Clases: August 7th ~ Two hour herb “walk and talk” will consist of a walk around Camp Nihan’s grounds to discover common herbs and plants and the health systems they can support. After, enjoy tea and conversation while learning how the plants around us can lead to more holistic wellness!

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My Best, passing it on.

In the seventies, my wonderful parents treated me to a journey through the Yucatan. That was the year those isolated lands opened to outside cultures. As we drove past huts with smoke spiraling mid-cone off the roofs people calmly walked in white cotton clothes with colorful patterns embroidered at hems, loose and comfortable. Eyes would greet ours and smiles shared in the light of shared souls. There was peace in the air. My parents, a Mayan guide, and I hacked our way through jungle scruff once we could not drive further to our sunrise pyramid destination. I climbed up tiny steps then rested atop that pyramid for what felt like moments, climbed down to my parents who mildly annoyed asked “What was up there?” My first experience of meditation, I had quietly sat for two hours with Pond lilies blooming on three sides as the sun rose!

I studied with the best integrative practitioners of the day. Sondra Ray and Bob Mandell taught the experience of “Rebirthing” in New York City during a Valentine’s weekend. Bernie Seager in his thought-is-creative brilliance back in the eighties in Boston. I traveled to hear Ramtha with thousands in Denver. Heard and followed Gurus and sat in Satsang for years, sitting in meditation, meals cooked by my hands next to beloved teachers, our Mahatmas, stirring garlic and veggies for hundreds of those seeking enlightenment. Oh, my eyes tear from memories of cutting so many onions and pungent spices crackling on the massive saucepans! Mindfulness sought from different angles. Yoga and Chi Gong, dance and TRX, walking miles by the Marblehead and other coasts and into forests.

Inner work, realizations of past trauma and its process with an amazing therapist, like sittin’ with Jesus, my adored Garbis Dimidjian, simultaneously working with Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes in their First Nation-Buddhist blend. Letting the inner child grow up into me, learning to love my self, this voluptuous body and it being okay to ask for what I really want. Yes, orgasm is a delightful road to nirvana. One more gift of human experience.

I have read brilliant challenging and moving books. I took nine years to write a darn good text book for practitioners. So many books still unread in a rather massive library. Where will that go?

Always I was soft for the sensitive spiritual twinkly-eyed boys. Now wanting a man with intelligence, inner stability, humor, passion and financial security. Ever hopeful.

I truly have lived the best life I could have. I have cared deeply for my family, supported my friends and children, and a number of alternate children. I have contributed to the environment and politicians who espoused kindred thoughts. I have studied with the top herbalists over all these forty-plus years of practice. Rosemary Gladstar, truly the grandmother of herbal medicine, has been a living example of knowing and doing. David Winston offering foundational thoughts of not just study, but human ritual and spirit work. Kate Gilday, yes, I am blinded by her angelic forest glow. Teachers who became friends, for we are an inclusive group. Mindy Green, so scentsational! David Crow. Matthew Wood, my brother bear and best friend. The late Cascade Anderson Geller, Jeanine Pavarti Baker, and of course William LeSassier my special mentor who transferred his brilliant diagnostic skills to me and others. jim macdonald, who hates to capitalize his name, so funny, brilliant and just amazing. Nicole Telkes the youngest brilliant star, she I would choose while starting my path if I were young in these Covid times. Now in The Time of The Great Isolation when we can study with anyone around the planet, hmm, who else, Sajah Popham, Thomas Easley. Such brainy heart centered gifts!

I have begun the era of my own seventies. I have a gorgeous home built when I was a young Mom, bits removed from my parent’s home to add heart to its’ modern lines. Gardens have grown over what was hard packed wormless land. Herbs have arrived from birds flying over, growers at conferences and from friends gardens and the pant legs of all. Patient plant ancestors who teach me so many new bits of use and play, support and beauty. Spirit connection. Music is performed joyously in the bowl of plant energies during sunny months. I am part of my town and the greater community of humans and know I am loved.

Now the journey is about passing on information, Virtual Practitioners in clinic seeing a client who now can be living anywhere with computer reception. Who could have imagined that! I am passing on the accumulation of art created or invested in, passing on the material objects collected over my lifetime that my kids are not interested in. Stay posted for sales of my etchings no longer shown in prestigious galleries!

Do we want to create a Museum of Herbal Practice? Is anyone interested in pursuing this lofty quest?

Now we have entered into isolated times of our own, the journey inward to lands of the self, the perspectives seen after we hack away at the underbrush of all that experience, those relationships, tangles severed in ritual, burnt to create fertile soil for the evolution of us all. The entire planet is processing. We are a part of, not apart from.

I am creating space for change and the newest growth of Margi and what comes after so many moons of isolation. I miss hugs and being close, seeing my friends and students, plants, and waters all over the Americas. I miss traveling to small schools or colleges which fed my heart and filled my need for being loved.

I am creating a home to isolate in for the next lock-down that feels soft and comforting: a nest to hold me. The consultation room is now my gym, with a big ball, a recumbent bike, TRX straps and a Pilates board. The need for creating endorphins through movement is essential for the rest of my days. Seventy years of seasons turning. Wow! As Dona Enriqueta said “I have a very small heart, and room in it for all of you.” Hold me in your hearts and I will hold you in mine. We are all here together on this earth.

Shedding Skins

We are all shifting after shedded skins flaked off and fell to the Earth. I have missed many actions, places to meet friends for food, friendship, atmosphere, and family of choice. Shedding old patterns inside and out.

Intention is everything. Action makes it manifest. In this new era I have learned to ask for help and for what I want. Other than human touch what I missed was music. Live, heart-opening, foot-tapping, get up and move live music. For many summers I have hosted the top vintage and soon-to-be known musicians in my gardens. I am honored to have renowned players grace me with their vibrations.

Here in 2020 it became a bit complicated to create a safe space for all. Social distancing on the deck and throughout the gardens needed many minds. Alexander Barker, architect, provided the garden map with paths and settings delineated. I had the exceptional pleasure of being in my gardens daily for many spring moments not witnessed before. No planes, no teaching, no fame. Simply offering my hands to the Earth.

Rick Ashley photographed seat groupings and numbered the map and views of possible seating arrangements. Jaime Jancosek and Roger helped place cushions on all the chairs, rockers, and benches before and after the concert. Plants bloomed and drooped fecund in nectar and color and sensuality. Daily surprises, scents, and pleasures. Phew! Mailings and PR by my Social Media Goddess Beth Anne Mwano.

Ralph Rosen the percussion and harmonica player arrived, his first time here. Then Bob Nieske and his bass, hurray! Joe Mullholland moments later. It was a bit like a wedding. So much preparation and then the beauties arrive all nervous and excited. Forgotten mask? No problem. Beauty and practicality made by Johnny Was, ordered aplenty to share, from me, my designer of flowers and fun, now gifted and worn. Everyone looks great in flowers.

Nervous, Me too. Water and cool drinks were arranged, all the equipment plugged in. When the percussionist forgets wire brushes there is always something to use nearby, so as I looked back saying “I’ll look in the shed for my whisk broom” my flip flop (aptly named) slipped off the step and I spun, one leg landed two steps down, spun and the other foot hit the landing as I flew (picture that) onto the stones of the garden below. My goodness. Three men in unison demanded I stay still. Breathe and evaluate. No blood, nothing broken, didn’t hit my head. Didn’t pee my undies, much.

I do constantly give thanks to my gifted Cardiologist, Howard Waldman, who insisted I turn all the sharp rocks over. “Look around you, is anything sharp you might fall on?” No impaled body parts.

Yup, fine, sat up, rubbed everything, and rose up. How difficult it must have been for three wonderful men to simply look on as I rose. COVID boundaries. No helping, no touching, and six feet apart.

Up, off and into the shed for the wee whisk broom. To the house for Arnica and a dose of Yarrow.

People had pre-paid, reserved the well-designed seating arrangements, everyone on time, masked, healthy and it went absolutely perfectly! The guys began to play and my heart did that clenching it does when I feel deeply. The second or third song was a ballad and I just let the tears fall. Huge, relentless tears of joy. Healing the hearts of all of us who love music and resonant expression. No-one had heard live music with their kin, their people of the heart, for months and more months.

Between tunes, Joe introduces a song, John Lewis’ arrangement of Afternoon in Paris, and our story, the birthday party on the Canal for Rosita Arvigo, he and Jean Labee arriving with cake, a great bottle of Champagne and much celebration with eight wild women including Tracy Ulmann, great conversation the synchronicity of there being a piano in our flat, about that incredible city, beauty at every corner, the people, men who dress with scarves and hips that strut a statement.

The great transformation of Margi. The falling away of Margi who was and the birth of Margi who is. And here I am, organizing, gathering to create what I want. Play your heart, connect, and react to each other, be, be human. Here in the birdsong and flutter of petals and fronds. Be. Progress. Vibrations of life. Paris to Scotland and love manifest in all-new ways from then after. I am changed, evolved and tender as a bud urging outward to light, to love, to the vibrations from inner Earth and connected to all.

There was a ripple at some point, of realization that I was surrounded by humans, my lovely hidden kingdom filled and amazing music reaching shade and light, a sense of almost awkwardness to have so many near me.

The people have exited through the gate, to homes, no mingling. Joe wells up with huge round tears and I cry and we can’t resist a hug. There is an unbearable lacking, physical contact, hugs, closeness, camaraderie that is no longer acceptable. COVID life. We hug, for I would rather die than live without human connection. Risk. Yes, responsibly and with choice. My soul is happy. A hug with breaths, (masked) Toltec, I will carry you in my breath forever, you breathe in as I breathe out, I carry you with me….

We are wearing COVID skins now. Barriers like a bubble keep us apart. Pods and isolation, for darn good reasons, even if the Orange One is an idiot. Yes, I will follow rules most minutes while breathing to live. In this moment, no, the right and good thing is to hug and feel human with humans.

The planes fly lower and no one notices. The noise of cars is steady again, the Busy Busy has returned. In response, I fall, spinning with momentum quite literally. Twice now. Slow down and pay attention.

The herbs are here to support me. Jaime to remind me. My age to sometimes scare me. Alone and not what I really want. My bar so high now. For I have known great love and the vibration, the music played by souls connected and will never settle again. Only the best musicians, the highest vibrations will enter my being. I choose to be fully alive, vital, intelligent, and thought-provoking, co-resonant with my beloved, who I draw to me magnetically, for I have known this and choose to be this, I want this all my days, vitally alive and juicy and I call you through my gate! Now.

Now the garden is empty. Couples and all people have gone home. I sit and write to you, for you are the ear who listens. Let my desire ripple out. Play, live in genuine resonance, I can never go back for I have blossomed into the me I am meant to be.

The Gateway

I feel the speeding up, the airplanes have returned, the traffic now heard accompanied by the annoying buzz of weed-whackers out beyond the peace of my gardens.  This year, grounded in my home since March.  Being an Herbal star has fed my soul these past twenty or more years.  Being loved on the road by so many incredible hosts and students eager to learn in such beautiful places on The Mother.  At home in April May and June for the first time in twenty years, no packing, flying, arranging, laundry and repacking with visits to kids and grandkids in between.  The closet full of suitcases is unopened.  The huge drawer of travel necessities forgotten.

These months I have gardened and watched and loved each new day seeing my beloved plants grow and bloom. Overnight wonders of change and beauty.  Bloodroot and Goldenseal, Solomon’s seal and Lungwort.  Flox and Foxgloves drooping weighted by blossoms and blowing in the winds.  Boughs of Elder flowers in their umbrellific glory. Hops growing yards in a day, raspberries taking over the universe.  Wisteria and Climbing Hydrangea cascading, sharing petals to adorn my hair.  Yarrow is showing up everywhere with Nettles jumping all boundaries.  Cleavers will be needed this year, it is present in every garden!  Figwort flowers are so incredibly delicious and such a contrast to the scent of their leaves!  Black and Blue Cohosh are taller than ever before.  The Shad and Hawthorn, Ginkgo, Redbud and Linden resplendent even after trunks being twisted and torn by last summer’s Microburst.  

What?  A small tornado in MY garden?  Mother Nature is having her way with us.  She is upset and there were consequences, we are all grounded! “You will prune and cut out the dead wood!” she spoke.  Pruning and letting the light in was that message stated years ago, a lesson from most loved gardener Win Mulry as he walked my overcrowded, over planted land.  I have slowly spread two yards of organic loam and compost, in equal parts, across the gardens as I completed dividing and weeding and simply appreciating what I already have gracing this land I caretake.  Every day a new joy presents the wonder of Nature as I offer my hands to the Earth.  Fortunate beyond belief.

Isolated at home, me and Luca Pickle Starlight, my manly part Maine Coon, and Jaime visits most days to learn the practicalities of running this practice.  How fortunate to have my Jaime walk through the door all gorgeous and modern with hair shaved on the sides and back and long curls from the middle, maybe purple or turquoise until Covid hit.  Prayers answered, “Give me a serious person worthy of inheriting, earning the practice through hard and earnest work, becoming the honored recipient of my beloved herbal practice”.  The five to ten year plan of letting go and moving onto the next exciting chapter of my existence here on Earth. (With her own special flair.)

I have reflected on the men I have loved and more importantly reflected on myself.  I have a dear friend who has encouraged me to grow beyond known expectations and allowed me to experience a vibration of being within myself I knew existed yet had not felt.  No one has been a better mentor in this timely exploration of myself.  Cracked open, sometimes raw, reaching exquisite bliss in the exploration of being.  The limits of expectation and possibility encouraged through suggested thoughts and shifts in my filters of perception.  I have become the person I want to love.

Now the societal buzz has returned.  I crave to remain in the deepness of my studies, my PHD in Margi.  I see now that all those years of flying away to get love kept me from knowing what I really want.  It took this radical halting of everything I have known to be a source of love, my teaching, my family’s hugs, to be removed, cancelled, delayed, distanced or postponed to truly see myself.  Yes, I am a good herbalist, author, mother, home caretaker and friend, but am I happy?  What is it I really want?

I choose my beloved, my equal, my thought provoking, generous, secure, brilliant passionate man, head on his pillow next to mine, or my head on his beating big heart, arm around me, strong and steady, confidant and already manifest in his own dream, intertwined around this incredible human body I have abundantly filled with vibrant, fun loving, intellectually stimulating, passionate and super ready to be his devoted life lover, asking me how my day was.  

Plant the seed and it will grow.

Continuing to Serve in Virtual Reality

Here we are in Virtual Reality!  How am I?  Busy!  Being a practicing herbalist means we always have the quest to serve.  We also have seriously ill clients already who need to refill their orders.  The box outside has constant activity and spraying!  I had the foresight to order herbs, menstruum, and containers prior to the lockdown.  My days are spent with my Herbalist in Residence, Jaime Jancosek.  She and I have been OCD about cleanliness, created a fabulous spray for packages, mail, and hands.  (Now used by our mail carriers).  In addition to her efficiency, emotional support and knowledge of our beloved plants she has a dog, Moby, so we have to walk the coast, six feet apart from others daily.  

I watch people running, and spitting on the street.  Again, our OCD tendencies now include leaving our outdoor shoes in a plastic bin under the mailbox.  Jaime’s Mom came up with that one.  

Luca has been super happy to cuddle night and day.

We make sure to stay hydrated with warm fluids.  I feel a little burst of fairy dust around me when I hear that warm is best!  Who has said those words these past forty years?  Half your body weight in ounces, at body temperature of warm fluids.  Yes!

We have a preventative dosage of Baikal Skullcap root, ¼ tsp twice daily.  

At first symptoms Upper Respiratory System Tincture
Flu Fighter formula Usnea, Baikal, Mullein, Boneset, Licorice, Hyssop

Then, if there were beds and it was open to go to the hospital.  Bring your spray, earplugs and a sleep mask full of lavender and flax seeds.


The Big Guns Lower Respiratory System Tincture

Baikal Skullcap, Pleurisy, Elecampane, Licorice roots, Boneset and Mullein leaf, Hyssop ¼ tsp twice daily.  With the addition of a demulcent tea like Marshmallow root, Burdock, Fenugreek, flax, Irish Moss, Lungwort, Oats, Olive leaf, Ashwagandha, and Couchgrass will be growing soon!  That’s why our animals nibble on that tenacious plant, it expels the hard mucus from within.

I am using Facetime or Zoom to “see” clients and listen to their fascinating life stories.  Virtual, of course, not my first choice, being a tactile person, pulse taker and reader of the face, nails, and tongue.  It does work.  Harder to read those colors and lines on the screen.  People have been as effusive as they ever were in person.  I do miss hugs!  Interestingly, one of the most common threads is that people don’t know how to cook!  Shall I do more basic cooking classes on Facebook?  Too funny.

I am also offering Practicing Herbalists an opportunity to “Sit in Circle” for Clinic Days.  Five practitioners.  You will have a job, Note Taking, Time-Line, Phrase catching and perhaps virtual testing of herbs.  This takes Matthew Wood’s proven use of drop testing, or to write the name of the herb on paper to test, now to write the name and tune in ethereally to test.  We shall see how that goes!  What an adventure!

Macintosh HD:Users:margi:Desktop:PROMO:ADDOption1.jpg

I managed to drive to the Publishers Storage warehouse to gather ten cases of my book as well!  The official ending of non-essential business was the following day.  Yikes.  I am able to ship by USPS from home as usual.  Phew.  People have more time to read and study.  Cool.

The online Reading the Body Class, a full weekend intensive shot in Texas with Nicole Telkes is always available on my website

You can reach me on Twitter, Facebook-EarthSongHerbals, Instagram, Facebook-Margi and YouTube.  

 If you are wondering what a Social Media Goddess looks like, Beth Anne Brooks Mwano is amazing! Contact:

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Be well, be safe, Bees arrive mid-April and know that we all belong to the family of humans, all humans walking this gorgeous planet.  Learn to share, have good boundaries and love the light you shine! Margi

Responsible Caring

In the time of Covid- 19

Until further notice by my town and the world population, all appointments will be on FaceTime or Skype!

Contact the office at 781-631-4312 to keep or set up a new appointment. Herbal orders will be wrapped, wiped and shipped or left in the pickup box.

In good health, Margi.

Friends & Sun Heal the Heart & Soul

I was in Sarasota Florida for nearly 2 weeks.  What did I discover?  
Sun heals the soul and heart.  

Friends, Linda and Doug Haley offered their gorgeous home on beautiful waters of Phillipe Creek, with Osprey overhead and hysterical Crows.  Adam David Mcinnes graciously took me to various parts of the city, sharing meals and we both missing 5 Corners Kitchen and all our friends there.  

Adam David Mcinnes, great company and tour guide!

Linda organized a dinner party to meet even more delightfully enlightened beings.  Helen Joy Gardner, healer and fellow Polarity Therapist, an apprentice from 1996, drives for hours to hang out for breakfast, farmers’ markets and other delightful moments.  Linda and I walk the quartz crystal sands at Crescent and Siesta Key, or simply walk along with plant drenched paths.  The plants are so bright and happy and beckon to me “Get to know me.”  Future Plant friends to learn from and listen to.  

I feel I am tapping back into myself.  My light-sprouting times 40 or 50 years ago with Bernie Siegel and Louise Haye, hanging out for Satsang and meditations with circles of kindred spirits.  

Louise wrote that wonderful little blue book “Healing your Body” with affirmations tied to body ailments or thoughts expressed..  Clarity of being, being human on this Earth.  Bernie and Louise teaching so many the healing arts, the power of the mind through all these years.

Nina Meyer Zaken has blossomed and evolved, chills run up my spine, great company, and warmth.  There are regular circles for Sufi dancing, meditations, study groups on spiritual evolution & drum circles.  Excellent espresso at Perq coffee bar.  I do mean excellent espresso!  Blues and jazz.  Wine tasting from South Africa, Australia and France and more with Lisa Nelson after my superior massage with her.  I have met organic farmers (twice a week at the big or little farmers market) and an herb grower and today, wait for it, an herbalist!

Lauren Pagano Steven, a blessed herbal connection in Sarasota!

Self-taught Lauren Pagano Steven, Urban Blossom Tea Co. appeared for her first Market and I felt the kinship we herbal folk do.  The eyes meet, words spoken, and you fall into the deep well of knowingness.  My peeps.  I suggested she organize a class so I can return next month.  Maybe return every winter for the duration.  Maybe buy a house and set up practice in this sunny land.  Maybe become a Snowbird.  After all, my hair is white and this place is a vortex of amazing energy.  My house sitters are incredible, Jeanny Preston, Rob, Galen, and Aiden Whitman keeping the energy at home high.  Loving Luca and making sure all is well.  Do I have two homes now?  Hmm, may need an herbalist to take up residence in Marblehead, filling orders and seeing clients, loving Luca… any of my students interested?  Winter in Massachusetts, Boston so close, 5 Corners to tempt your palette?

Margi at the Drum Circle Siesta Key

One thing I know for sure, the plants, our kin, have always led me.  They will have their way! Intention and change for the highest good!  Classes to begin in Sarasota soon.  Want to join us?