The Practicing Herbalist, IV

November 11, 2021

I will leave something behind of great value to improve the world I live in and the planet I adore.  This book, my children, my clients finding their way to the plants, and students who carry on the teachings are my legacy. This edition of The Practicing Herbalist, IV, is my last.  Beautifully bound, in […]

Grateful Beyond Words

September 9, 2021

Yes! The Great Goddess, Saraswati, has blessed me.  620 pages and the fourth edition, the last edition, of The Practicing Herbalist indexed, and off to have one print made.  I will have to read it again in a week.  I found this amazing sculpture in Kapa’a Hawaii when visiting my son Gabe and family many […]

Creating Change

August 23, 2021

This weekend I shared William LeSassier’s face, tongue and nails class.  I loved his saying, that the indications of lines, blemishes and colors of the face is a historic record of a person’s life.  We carry our experience for all the world to see.  While teaching to this very intimate group I was able to share many stories […]

Seeing the Horizon: Thoughts from Margi

August 6, 2021

Here I sit writing at the computer. Completing the details, which are never-ending, for the fourth edition of The Practicing Herbalist. I continue to find statements about being an herbalist, sitting with clients, and philosophy of life in general. I am nearing 600 pages, so a lectern may be needed. You can regularly switch out Christa Sinadinos’ The Essential […]

My Best, passing it on.

November 30, 2020

In the seventies, my wonderful parents treated me to a journey through the Yucatan. That was the year those isolated lands opened to outside cultures. As we drove past huts with smoke spiraling mid-cone off the roofs people calmly walked in white cotton clothes with colorful patterns embroidered at hems, loose and comfortable. Eyes would […]

Photo of Margi teaching a classes

Shedding Skins

August 18, 2020

We are all shifting after shedded skins flaked off and fell to the Earth. I have missed many actions, places to meet friends for food, friendship, atmosphere, and family of choice. Shedding old patterns inside and out. Intention is everything. Action makes it manifest. In this new era I have learned to ask for help […]

Photo of Margi teaching a classes

The Gateway

July 1, 2020

I feel the speeding up, the airplanes have returned, the traffic now heard accompanied by the annoying buzz of weed-whackers out beyond the peace of my gardens.  This year, grounded in my home since March.  Being an Herbal star has fed my soul these past twenty or more years.  Being loved on the road by so many incredible […]

Continuing to Serve in Virtual Reality

March 28, 2020

Here we are in Virtual Reality!  How am I?  Busy!  Being a practicing herbalist means we always have the quest to serve.  We also have seriously ill clients already who need to refill their orders.  The box outside has constant activity and spraying!  I had the foresight to order herbs, menstruum, and containers prior to the lockdown.  My days are spent with […]

Photo of Margi teaching a classes

Responsible Caring

March 15, 2020

In the time of Covid- 19 Until further notice by my town and the world population, all appointments will be on FaceTime or Skype! Contact the office at 781-631-4312 to keep or set up a new appointment. Herbal orders will be wrapped, wiped and shipped or left in the pickup box. In good health, Margi.

Friends & Sun Heal the Heart & Soul

March 13, 2020

Friends, Linda and Doug Haley offered their gorgeous home on beautiful waters of Phillipe Creek, with Osprey overhead and hysterical Crows.  Adam David Mcinnes graciously took me to various parts of the city, sharing meals and we both missing 5 Corners Kitchen and all our friends there.   Linda organized a dinner party to meet even more […]

Acid Reflux in Practice

January 28, 2020

By: Margi Flint with contributions by Beth Mwano Acid Reflux affects many many people and there’s a common misconception that stomach acid must be low when acid reflux happens. However, most people who come into my practice have low hydrochloric acid, not high. Much of medical literature will talk about high hydrochloric acid, but in […]

Photo of Margi teaching a classes

Marvelous Marshmallow & Courageous Borage

December 24, 2019

Nourishing Nervines, part 3 Marshmallow, Althea, is another mucilaginous, demulcent plant, the root is what’s use. Marshmallow is the one that grows about 5-6 feet tall and it has very softy velvety leaves and powder blue flowers that go from pink to blue and it’s just stunningly gorgeous. I wish I could make clothing out […]

Slippery Elm helps with Addiction.

December 9, 2019

Nourishing Nervines, part 2 The other herb I use with Milky Oats for nourishing the nervous system is Slippery Elm. Slippery Elm is Ulmus rubra and you want to gather the inner bark after the tree is at least ten years old. It’s a very slow-growing tree, that was actually saved by the Boy Scouts of America, who […]

Photo of Margi teaching a classes

Bringing Yourself to the Practice

November 26, 2019

Milky Oats - Avena Sativa

Being Nourished – Nervines and Milky Oats

October 15, 2019

We hear much about various addictions these days and how people are not being nurtured to health in responsible and loving ways. Let’s look to the plants, specifically nourishing nervines to see a way forward. Nervines are some of my favorites [herbs] because most of them are nourishing and enlivening to the body. When the […]

Photo of Margi teaching a classes

Hot Water, My Grandmother’s Only Swear Word

September 13, 2019

Warm food improves digestion Let’s talk about the stomach…and gas. The expulsions of gasses from the body are indicative of fermentation happening.  Fermented foods are really popular, but you don’t want to be one! If you’re fermenting, it means the food is actually bubbling up within you and the gasses need to be expelled.  One of the […]

Bastyr University September 1 – 3

September 4, 2019

B12 deficiency

Photo of Margi teaching a classes

Reading The Body – Traditional Western Herbal Medicine Diagnosis

September 4, 2019

Pacific Rim College Victoria BC

Photo of Margi teaching a classes

Reading the Body Wildroot Botanicals

September 4, 2019

Face, nail and tongue diagnostics . Bellingham WA

Photo of Margi teaching a classes

Moonflower Herb Fest Discount Code

July 18, 2019

Margi Flint will be teaching at the Moonflower Herb Fest on Saturday, November 2rd 2019. Use this special code MF10 to get a 10% discount when you register for the event. Letting the Waters Fall is the Title of her class. How do we honor death, the transformation from Earthbound to the next realm? How […]

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