Creating Change

This weekend I shared William LeSassier’s face, tongue and nails class.  I loved his saying, that the indications of lines, blemishes and colors of the face is a historic record of a person’s life.  We carry our experience for all the world to see.  While teaching to this very intimate group I was able to share many stories of faces I have read and the fascinating tales shared by so many wonderful humans.

Weaving the herbs, our kin, into the tales for they are the magic potion entering into receptive bodies to dance and shift and carry wisdom deep into the tissues.  The person with repressed rage, hard facial expressions and boundary issues can call on 2 droppers of Chanka Piedra or half a drop of Celandine twice a week to soften the gallstones and increase their sense of safety on earth and with others.  Each person has unique needs and doses.  Teaching safe ways to express anger and allow the jaw to let tightness ease ripples throughout all the cells of the body.  Finding the words that have been held back for fear unexpressed, maybe not even consciously known is a step toward finding peace within. 

Clients arrive when they are ready to change.  The path may be gentle or rocky, the protocols followed bit by bit, the shifts subtle or blatantly obvious. Celebrate each moment of compliance and encourage a sense of inner power for whatever healthy state is the goal.  A few words of encouragement and recognition are the balm and reward for being brave enough to ask for help.  Practice well with an open heart. Margi.

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