The following table summarizes indications associated with the color black:

Indicator Association
SKIN Pitch black bruises Stagnant blood. Very old people. Encourage massage and use fresh Yarrow tincture or oil.
Black, sooty complexion Blood stagnation, specific for Sassafras. M.W.
Black complexion, dark circles within orbit of eye Normal appearance for Mediterranean, East Indian, African heritage.
Blue-black pencil line under eyes at top of cheek bone Chronic food allergies. Adrenal corticol exhaustion.
Blue-black like a bruise under the eyes Liver stagnation with food allergies, too much fried food, environmental allergies.
Blue-black translucent band under the eyes with pale skin Constitutional weak immunity, low nutrition, lack of sleep, low bone marrow function (low immunity, red blood cells, low kidney function). Adrenal deficiency try – Eleuthero or Spikenard. W.Le.
TONGUE Blue-black tongue sides Liver. Fringe Tree bark, says Christopher Hobbs.
Black on tongue Often seen on very old people’s tongues.
Blue-black tongue, middle Digestion.
Black mark on tongue Stagnant blood in the spine, uterus or elsewhere. Use Knotweed with a black mark on it. M.W.
VEINS Blue-black, swollen, surrounded by yellow Stagnant and putrid blood. (White Oak bark).
Blue-black, swollen veins that look like grapes White Oak bark tincture, 3 drops, 1 – 3 times daily
Caused by a lack of tone in veins.

“Dark circles under the eyes, give Ginseng (now named Eleuthero) and watch the circles go. Said William LeSassier. Indicates adrenal exhaustion. William also gave Spikenard – more for women.” Quotes Matthew.

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