Seeing the Horizon: Thoughts from Margi

Here I sit writing at the computer. Completing the details, which are never-ending, for the fourth edition of The Practicing Herbalist. I continue to find statements about being an herbalist, sitting with clients, and philosophy of life in general. I am nearing 600 pages, so a lectern may be needed. You can regularly switch out Christa Sinadinos’ The Essential Guide to Western Botanical Medicine and this final version of mine.  Both are weight bearing exercises.My textbook holds what wisdom I have gleaned from over forty years of practice. In that expanse of time so much has changed! You can discover all that some time before the holidays when this last edition is published.  Today I am reflecting on what it means to devote yourself to practice. My kids often remind me that I worked too long daily and often on holidays.  I don’t recommend that to those of you starting out.  Set regular hours and don’t let the off-hour calls come through. Holidays are meant to be spent with your own sweet loved ones. I felt I could not say “No.” if I was needed.  Yet, I had a family, and in retrospect, choosing focused time with them, well, saddens me to see that I let work overshadow joy. They do keep telling me that their childhoods were fine. They knew they were loved.  They were surrounded by incredible herbs and herbalists and were safe.That said, I wonder about the meaning of commitment to your path. In my seventy-plus years I have witnessed a huge change in the work ethics of those in my culture. To arrange for responsible, qualified help, be it a plumber, electrician, physical therapist or herbalist. Who do you refer out to?  Who is truly qualified and capable to pass the mantle to?Who will I send my late-stage cancer clients and other mysteriously ill people to? Having a series of certificates does not equal in-person face to face, heart to heart practice. Covid was a great opportunity to study, but putting together a tea that is palatable, a protocol that can be followed easily, and revisits which encourage acknowledging successes and encourage next steps is learned by doing.  All the papers on the wall mean nothing if the herbs have not spoken to you from within. When I walk into the herb closet or into the gardens, that is when the blending occurs and the herbs, our kin, speak.   I see the horizon. I know that my abilities to practice well with devotion are shifting. I need a Note Taker with me to capture all the details when sitting with clients.  Who sits with me in this role will be given all I have to offer. I am not interested in casual attendance.I no longer need to please everyone from that insecure place in the young Margi. I can say “No.” and “Yes, I can see you in a month or two.” I do not need to shift my calendar and miss what nourishes me personally outside of the joys of practice. This is a new time of being, of sharing selectively with the potent fecund ripeness of me. The point is, for all who take up this path, to twist and turn in the terrain, and grow into more of who you really are while experiencing learning through and with each illness manifesting in the client sitting before you. I had no choice on this path, the kin had their way with me, and now are offering their sweet reward to expand me in new ways. Joy.Now I am approaching that gorgeous time of life with the stunning sunsets and wanting to enjoy this ritual. I want the time to move and breath and feel loved. My heart reaches for the woodland walks and glimpses of bodies of water. I desire novels written exquisitely. I want to know my children and friends as they evolve.  I want to linger in the melting hugs and hand holding of my grandchildren.  Laughter!  Even the tears spilled from deep feelings of compassion, change and sadness are sacred.  Each day I want and choose joy.

Margi will be teaching Reading the Body LIVE in her garden August 14th and 15th here is the link for attending.  

Other Clases: August 7th ~ Two hour herb “walk and talk” will consist of a walk around Camp Nihan’s grounds to discover common herbs and plants and the health systems they can support. After, enjoy tea and conversation while learning how the plants around us can lead to more holistic wellness!

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