Below Eyelid

This is an old medical technique refined by William LeSassier. Have the client pull the lower eyelid down and look up; a small half moon is exposed inside the eyelid, the palpebral conjunctiva.

Examining Below the Eyelid
Examining Below the Eyelid

The following table summarizes indications associated with conditions below the eyelid:

Condition below eyelid Indication
All evenly pink Healthy
Areas of white Anemia. Lack of circulation.
Central white Center of body, blood deficiency in uterus.
Paler toward the center is a deep anemia.
Paler toward the outside is a shallow anemia.
Areas of red Heat.
Conjunctivitis Contagious eye infection. Eye wash with strained goldenseal.
Wash all doornobs and pens with rubbing alcohol.
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