Lungs correspond to the cheeks. Gray coloration indicates toxins or lack of vital energy; white indicates shock. Sunken cheeks indicate wasting of the lung or spleen. Rippling lines may run up the cheeks to the center of the eye socket.

Lungs also correspond to the index finger. The nails flip up when a person has asthma. When nails are spongy and barely attached, TB, bronchitis, cancer or cystic fibrosis are indicated. A blue line at the cuticle, especially the thumb, indicates a lack of oxygen. Lungs represent all conditions affecting breathing.

Lungs hold the emotion of worry and unresolved sorrow. Kapha = damp lung, Vata = dry lung. I have a client with emphysema. She holds in all of the unexpressed sorrow from her childhood, her son’s death, and other frustrations in her life. She doesn’t allow her tears to fall. She carries the barriers of smoke, make up, and the “tough girl” attitude with her. In order to become well she has had to learn how to express sorrow. Nancy Anne Risley taught that the air pathway in polarity (pointer finger, throat chakra, lungs); these are where lung imbalance shows. Shoulders correspond to the lungs. Elbows indicate the triple heater or heart. WL Shallow breathers and asthmatics often have horizontal lines at the bridge of the nose.

The liver, gallbladder and stomach all feed the lungs. In Chinese medicine the adrenals and thyroid are the gateway to the lung. WL

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