Hot Water, My Grandmother’s Only Swear Word

Warm food improves digestion

Let’s talk about the stomach…and gas. The expulsions of gasses from the body are indicative of fermentation happening.  Fermented foods are really popular, but you don’t want to be one! If you’re fermenting, it means the food is actually bubbling up within you and the gasses need to be expelled.  One of the issues is too much fluids during meals. Really the only fluid that is acceptable during a meal is red wine.  Because red wine is full of enzymes. It improves digestion in reasonable quantities.  If you travel in Europe, they don’t serve ice water, they look at you like you’re crazy, and they’re right.  My grandmother’s favorite swear word-only swear word was “P-shaw!” which means, “Hot water.”  

She would start her day and end her day with a drink of hot water.

  If you have cold water with a meal, you’re basically putting out your stomach fire. Ice water is death to the intestines. If you make gravy and you want to separate the fat from the juices, you drop an ice cube in it or put it in the fridge and it separates.  And if you drink ice water, it makes the fats push up to the side of your intestine.  That separation of fat can cause cancer.  So, ice water is bad. 

Aromatic herbs reduce gas & cramping

I just returned from The Great Lakes Herb Faire in Michigan.  Sat in on Jim Mcdonald’s highly entertaining classes and was reminded to add “Drink aromatic herbs for gas and cramping!”  So glad he lived.

       It’s important to eat hot food. If you eat predominantly cold food, it’s not good for your digestion.  If people are depleted nutritionally, they need at least steamed or warm food.  It’s more bio-available.  Take care of your stomach and look for the markers of lack of intrinsic factor—don’t know what that is?  Take a class with me to find out, buy my book, give me a call, get involved with all that’s happening at Earthsong Herbals, I love sharing this important, life-giving knowledge! 

~ edited by Beth Mwano

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