Everyday Herbalism: Margi’s Natural Tick Repellant

Back in May, Margi visited iFarm Boxford to lead a fun, herb walk and forage for lunch.

Below is the little write up by Nick Shrewsbury, from that class and her tips for an all natural tick repellant.

Margi will be back at iFarm Boxford teaching a class on herbal tinctures and infused oils on July 24th

for more information on that Click Here.


20 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

20 drops of Atlas Cedar Essential Oil

.5 oz jojoba oil (or other carrier oil like olive oil)

1oz white vinegar

1 oz Aloe Juice

Instructions: Mix the oils together first. Then add all other ingredients. Place the solution in an atomizer to create a spray. Spray liberally on clothes or pets (cats may not like the smell). Make sure you shake vigorously before each use.

Avoid the eyes, safe for use on children 2 and up, do not ingest.

***Almost all essential oils are too potent for direct application to the skin. They should be diluted 10-15 drops essential oil to 1 ounce carrier oils. Exceptions to this rule are Lavender, Rose and Tea Tree Essential Oils.***




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