Everyday Herbalism: Margi’s Immune Boosting Tea

Despite the unseasonably warm weather, winter is upon us and with it comes sickness. To give your immune system that extra boost and keep the sniffles at bay, add this tea to your repertoire.

Our Beautiful Echinacea!

¼ cup herb per quart Jar

.75 oz Elderberry

.25 oz Echinacea leaf

.25 oz Echinacea cut and sifted

.75 oz Licorice

.5 oz Spearmint


Boil water, place ¼ cup or more of the herbs into a glass container. Cover.

Allow the herbs to steep for 5-10 minutes. Strain with a stainless steel sieve, I like the nice wide ones you can find at kitchen stores.

A French press is great also – or a quart mason jar, to then pour into another quart.


Infusions will ferment, so store it in the refrigerator for one no longer than two days, tightly covered.

Be sure to compost the herbs, out the window or in your houseplants, simply returning them to the earth in order to receive the medicine. Full circle.



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