Clinical Practice Opportunities

Clinical Practice Opportunities

A four-month program

Practitioners seeking to learn directly from Margi

and to add to their personal clinical skills.



  • Send me your history of previous study and herbalists you have worked with.
  • An intake form of your own.
  • One recommendation from a teacher.
  • To have sat in on a consultation with me prior to our start date.
  • Your own copy of edition 3 of The Practicing Herbalist.
  • Full, non-refundable Payment.  PayPal, credit card or a check can be paid from my invoice once accepted.



Local people, or herbalists travelling through the area can ask to sit in on private consultations and be a notetaker for $100.  Arrive a half hour earlier than the client is scheduled and stay to formulate and prepare the client’s herbs and invoice.  You may ask all the questions you can come up with after the client goes on their way.

Contact Margi for dates



We will meet twice a month for four months.

Deadline for submissions is December 29th.

One local person may arrive in the office after the lunch break to help formulate and work in the apothecary.

9:30 AM EST to roughly 3:30PM Lunch break 12:15 – 12:45

Contact Margi for dates

If you have not seen me sit with a client, you arrange a date to sit in a private consultation prior to our start.  You will be the note taker and stay online with me as I prepare the client’s formulas and hear my thoughts.



Contact Margi for dates

Vaccination for Covid required.   Formulation and preparation in the apothecary.  We will share jobs making teas, tinctures, oils and more.  The day is done when all is clean and filed.

Roles and Responsibilities (Rotated)


You will use your intake form, reviewed ahead of time, outside of class, well in advance, with Margi.  Each organ system must be covered. Feel free to borrow excellent questions from other herbalist’s forms.  You will create the timeline and notes on your second intake, or first if ready!  Your insights will be shared with the client first.  I will offer further suggestions if need be. 


These are the side notes to be presented to the client. These notes are things like, “Walk 20 minutes a day, skin brushing, full spectrum lights etc.” One page is best. Save as a document, not PDF just in case I need to alter anything. Then the form will be sent to the client and participants as a PDF.  I will have a standard form to be used during our time together.


Have the Client’s birth date at the top and today’s date at the bottom, line down the middle with 10-year increments, date on one side, age on the other.  People remember events in different ways.  Fill in all major events in life, births, deaths, marriages, (and those people’s names) moving, home atmosphere, accidents, surgeries, medications, drama and trauma.  All forms of abuse, mental, physical, verbal, ritual.  Atmosphere at home, relationships, I use (+ and - ).

Or make an excel sheet, or however you accomplish gathering the life history.  Legibly!


“I have never… I cannot.”  “I will never….” When they have a body movement that releases, protects, when “no” says “yes”.  What makes them light up with joy…. Type please.

Give us a call!

Office hours are 9am-2pm EST,
Call (781) 631-4312

Mail or Visit

10 Central Street
Marblehead, MA 01945

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