Practitioner's Circle

Practitioner's Circle

Clinical Practice ~ Herbal Consultations Monthly

New Clients ~ Do you need to see an herbalist? Do you desire to be heard and treated in a group setting by diverse herbalists? Call to book an appointment, be seen individually, and depart feeling fully empowered and supported. Follow-up appointments are requisite. Take care of yourself now.

These consultations are performed by herbal practitioners who come to practice their skills and glean insights from their peers. The gifts of practice in circle are bountiful for the one in focus. As a client you will receive the professional input from one to five talented herbal minds and hearts. One and a half hours of questioning which includes medical history, diet, supplement and prescription use, plus suggestions for herbal protocols, references for adjunct therapies and lots of laughter.

Cost: Sliding scale from $75 - $210. Time 10 AM or 2 PM

Book an appointment for 10 AM EST or on occasion 1 PM if you live on the left coast.

To book an appointment Contact Margi by phone from 9 AM to 4 PM at # 781.631.4312

Practitioners choose to attend as an observer, note taker, formulation maker, herb tester, pulse taker, or, when ready, as the person asking the intake questions. You must prepare your own intake form. A preliminary background in the study of herbal medicine is required.

Call Margi to discuss your training and set up a day, or days to be in practice or Send Margi a message.

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Office hours are 9am-2pm EST,
Call (781) 631-4312

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