Reading the Body: Visual Indications to Understand Organ Energetics

March 24, 25, 2023

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Gathering Thyme, 1332 Fourth St., San Rafael, CA 94901

Reading the body’s colors, lines, facial, tongue and fingernail changes offers practitioners confirmation, or better still, initial direction for the herbs to be consumed. Some of these indications change when better health is achieved.To understand the importance of visual indications has been the foundation of my practice. Face, tongue and fingernails, toes, colors and the wide variety of lines and their depth is crucial for accurate understanding of energetic health. The physical body cannot be separated from the spiritual or mental aspects of self. Those skills taught by the late William LeSassier and then new indications from David Winston, and then Matthew Wood, have allowed me to find compliance with clients, narrow down the decisions about which herbs to employ with each client, and confirm my thoughts around which endocrine gland, organ system, or emotional state is under duress. The energetics appear on, in, and into words in unique ways with each person who sits before me. I do believe this skill needs to be introduced early in herbal studies.

Call 415.524.8693 for more info.

Instructors:    Margi Flint



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