Reading the Body and Other Clinical Skills with Margi Flint

Tuesday 5/24 through Thursday 5/26

Almond, WI

Knowing what the body has to say, we can learn how to prevent illness. Each color, line and marking on the face, tongue and nails holds meaning of your internal health. Margi will explain and demonstrate diagnostic techniques learned from the late William Le Sassier and observed on clients over her forty-plus years in practice.
You will learn:
  • Diagnostic techniques for assessing the internal state of the body using external cues
  • How to interpret facial indications that show the health of the organs and organ systems
  • How to assess tissue color
  • How to identify energetic signs of hot, cold, damp, and dry conditions
  • How to interpret the mysteries of fingernail patterns
  • How to read the tongue
  • Elimination analysis and how it correlates to the internal state of health
  • How To read the body and the Indications of Three
  • Organ and body correspondences
  • Constitutional Body Types i.e. doshas and humoral temperaments
  • Pulse diagnostics
  • What the eyes reveal
 This immersion will consist of both lecture and hands-on learning with ample opportunity for questions to understand what your body is saying to you.
Please arrive makeup and nail polish free! Both experienced and beginner herbalists will find great benefit from this immersion!

Instructors:    Margi Flint



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