Making Light of Lyme: Supporting a full recovery with herbs, diet and personal growth

Lauren Valle
January 19 2019
Earthsong Herbals 10 Central ST Marblehead MA 01945
10 to 4

This one-day workshop is focused on supporting a full recovery from Lyme disease and the co-infections. We will explore the physiology of Lyme disease to understand how it works in the body as well as current relevant research. We will discuss effective herbs and herbal protocols that can be used alone or in combination with antibiotics, how to take herbs and how to track progress and stay focused. We will also briefly touch on a couple common genetic mutations that can complicate the healing process.

The second half of the workshop is devoted to exploring the dietary, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of Lyme disease that are so essential to recovery for those of us for whom a two-week round of antibiotics is not enough for us to feel better. We will discuss anti-inflammatory and ketogenic diets, flower essences, personal boundaries and energy hygiene.  We will conclude the workshop with a drum journey to visit with the spirit of Lyme disease

Spirochetes, the primary Lyme organism, have existed on the planet for billions of years and have peacefully co-existed within the human body for millennia. Only in the past 40 years, as the Earth’s ecosystem has become increasingly unbalanced, has Lyme disease become an “epidemic” and so negatively affected lives of so many. I have found that when we consider the larger context of this disease and when we engage in a heart-centered healing process that Lyme disease offers us the great gift of showing us imbalances in our own personal ecosystem that could lead to more serious health challenges later in life. Recovering from Lyme disease gives us opportunity to walk our path with more health, awareness and connection to ourselves and all of life.

Lauren Valle is a community herbalist who sees clients through her practice Kinship Herbal and Holistic Healing on Cape Cod. She became deeply invested in exploring alternative healing methods for Lyme through own eight-year journey with the disease where antibiotics were not effective. She has since fully recovered and is more vital than ever. She is dedicated to working with her clients to find the right herbal allies and making the dietary and life-style choices that bring them back to wholeness. Her approach is centered in a deep trust in the innate powers of the human body to heal itself. She believes that our work is to create the right environment and remove what is in the way so that the body can to do what it is designed to do.

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