Sacred Plant Medicine

Rochelle Baca
May 26th 2018
To Be Announced (Marblehead)
10AM to 5 PM
$150 paid by Mayday ~ Let us know about the optional materials fee when registering.

Rochelle Baca is a Traditional Herbalist and Teacher.  Born and raised in California, Rochelle began her relationship with Cannabis in her teens, inspired by activists and advocates Jack Herer and Ed Rosenthal.  As her relationship with Cannabis deepened, she realized that a major awareness needed to be brought forth to make this plant’s masculinity and femininity understood again.  Drawn to Herbalism, she began a program of self-study and became a community Herbalist.In 2006 her husband Alan fractured his L-1vertebrae and was unable to function on the opiates prescribed for his extreme pain.  Rochelle created a Cannabis tincture in a trial effort to help her husband.  Within fifteen minutes of taking the tincture, Alan’s pain subsided and Rochelle knew that this potent plant ally had more gifts to offer.  She began working with Cannabis medicinally and has helped many people with many different ailments achieve positive results.

In 2016, Rochelle’s article on Cannabis was published in Essential Herbal Magazine.  In addition to teaching the “Science and Art of Herbalism” at Rosemary Gladstar’s invitation, Rochelle continues to deepen her spiritual connection with Cannabis, working with clients, making Sacred Plant Cannabis Medicine, and teaching others about the healing energy of this powerful plant ally.

Rochelle studied with Rosemary Gladstar, and has taken classes with many well known Herbalist to nurture her quest for knowledge including,  Anne Marie Tedeschi (Infinite Roots Herbal Creations), Megan Brown (Harvest Moon Herbals), Helen Ward (Sage Mountain, Three Springs Farms), Nancy Phillips (Heartsong Farm), Margi Flint (Earthsong Herbals).

In addition, Rochelle studied Shamanic Techniques with Dr. Rocio Alarcon, whose encouragement has facilitated Rochelle’s sharing her Sacred Plant Medicine wisdom with a wider audience.


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