Reading The Body – Traditional Western Herbal Medicine Diagnosis

Margi Flint
October 5-6
Pacific Rim College
10 - 5
Regular – $300 (Early Bird – $285, until August 15) Students* – $275 (Early Bird – $250, until August 15) PRC Alumni – $285 (Early Bird – $265, until August 15) *PRC diploma students will receive 1 WHS academic credit for this workshop.

Learn to read the face, nails, tongue and body to understand indications of lines, blemishes, marks and colors.

Understanding the cues of the organ/body correspondences is a precious gift. Indications of hot, cold, damp dry and wind conditions can easily be read once you train your eyes to see.

Margi shares the knowledge learned from her teachers and clients over the past four decades.

Topics will include the following:

Facial signs – lines and markings of the tongue, ears, eyes, mouth and nose and their organ/body correspondences
Nail signs – Significance of tissue color in diagnosis.
Signs of hot, cold, damp and dry conditions.
Elimination analysis by stool and urine appearance.
Discussion of herbs for organ systems.
Use of pulse analysis when selecting remedies.
The weekend will be spent partly in lecture and partly in looking at the face, tongue and nails of participants as well as pulse-testing for confirmation of herbs. We will end each day with a plant meditation.

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