Reading the Body * Bellingham WA

Margi Flint
September 28 -29 Diagnostics all day Monday September 30
Wildroot Botanicals
10 - 4
$250 Weekend, $100 Monday, $325 all three days

Each color, line and marking on the face, tongue and nails holds meaning of your internal health. Margi will be explaining and demonstrating diagnostic techniques taught to her by the late William Le Sassier.

Knowing what the body has to say, we can learn how to prevent illness. Our seminar will consist of both lecture and hands on learning with ample opportunity for questions to understand what your body is saying to you. Please arrive makeup and nail polish free
Practitioner Skills

Learning the skills of a healthy client/practitioner relationship is an essential part of creating a dynamic clinical practice. In this one-day workshop, Margi Flint shares her insights for working with clients, gleaned from her 40+ years of private practice as an herbalist, labor coach and polarity therapist.
We will cover valuable topics including:
*Creating healthy boundaries
· Listening skills
*Knowing the right questions to ask/questioning without blushing
*Drop pulse testing to affirm herbal choices
· Billing and concepts about money
*Office skills including herbal preparation, client directions, file compilation, follow-up and invoicing

This is an excellent workshop for any student or professional practitioner to learn new ways of creating and supporting the therapeutic relationship and seeing an elder herbalist in practice.

Diagnostics All Day September 30
We will spend the day practicing the diagnostic skills learned from lecture
and the Book
The Practicing Herbalist.
We will be noting visual indicators on the “client” and asking questions as a “practitioner”.
A discussion of healthy boundaries and appropriate words as practitioners will be practiced.
Each person will be seen individually.
Each person will have turns:
Observing the lines, colors, blemishes of the face, nails and tongue
Taking pulses
Drop-pulse testing herbs
Observing physical changes of the client
Creating a time-line
Taking notes for the client
Taking notes on phrases

To register, please email Margi by clicking the link below:
Reserve classes for September 28 -29 Diagnostics all day Monday September 30
Or call Margi at 781-631-4312