Practitioner Skills & Responding to Environmental Impacts on Fertility and Birthing

Margi Flint
February 23 -24 2019
Gathering Thyme o 1447 Fourth Street o San Rafael, CA 94901
10 - 4
$250 two days $125 One day

Day 1: Practitioner Skills

Learning the skills of a healthy client/practitioner relationship is an essential part of creating a dynamic clinical practice. In this one-day workshop, Margi Flint shares her insights for working with clients, gleaned from her 40+ years of private practice as an herbalist, labor coach and polarity therapist.


We will cover valuable topics including:

  • Creating healthy boundaries
  • Listening skills
  • Knowing the right questions to ask/questioning without blushing
  • Drop pulse testing to affirm herbal choices
  • Billing and concepts about money
  • Office skills including herbal preparation, client directions, file compilation, follow-up and invoicing


This is an excellent workshop for any student or professional practitioner to learn new ways of creating and supporting the therapeutic relationship and seeing an elder herbalist in practice.

Day 2: Responding to Environmental Impacts on Fertility and Birthing

What is our herbal response to environmental impacts on our bodies? Always consider your genes, environment & the power of what goes into your mouth. Genetics, and specifically a lack of intrinsic factor, as well as exposure to environmental chemicals are important factors in determining whether the body manifests disease or imbalance in the reproductive organs.


In this class, we will:

  • look at how genetics and environmental factors impact fertility issues and infant health
  • observe visual indications and patterns of imbalance to look for in the body
  • discuss herbs and diet changes that can positively affect and reverse these imbalances
  • ponder, based on the patterns that I have observed over decades of working with clients, whether exposure to environmental chemicals is altering our gene expression and affecting our ancestral lines


The Practicing Herbalist, 3rd Edition

Margi Flint will have the 3rd edition of her book, The Practicing Herbalist, available at the event for an additional $135. Please let us know when registering if you would like to receive a copy of this book, payable at the event.

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