Sean Donahue
October 20 - 21
10 Central Street Marblehead MA 01945
10 AM to 5 PM

Magical Practices! We are living in a time of tremendous grief, fear, and uncertainty. Our individual worries and struggles flow together with the collective pain of a culture and a planet in peril. How can we reconnect with the love that is the source of our tears and our laughter? Join herbalist, poet, and witch Sean Donahue for a weekend of exploring herbs and simple somatic and magical practices that can help us ground and orient amidst the chaos and recover the vital, embodied presence that allows us to bring forward our gifts and take part in the healing of our world.

Sean is an excellent teacher.  Some of my most meaningful knowings of herbs have been learned through his stories.  I learn best in the format of experiencing and hearing stories to trigger deep remembering. Sit with Sean as he pulls the resonant stories of the herbs from our Earth Mother to you.


” In a dark time, the eye begins to see” – Theodore Roethke

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