Herbal Diagnostics Pratice

Margi Flint
Sept 30th
Wildroot Botanicals - Bellingham WA

We will spend the day practicing the diagnostic skills learned from lecture
and the Book The Practicing Herbalist.
We will be noting visual indicators on the “client” and asking questions as a “practitioner”.
A discussion of healthy boundaries and appropriate words as practitioners will be practiced.

Each person will be seen individually.

Each person will have turns:

  • Observing the lines, colors, blemishes of the face, nails and tongue
  • Taking pulses
  • Drop-pulse testing herbs
  • Observing physical changes of the client
  • Creating a time-line
  • Taking notes for the client
  • Taking notes on phrases

Do not wear make up or fingernail polish.
If you take medication please bring a list, what it is for and how long you have taken them.

Please visit http://wildrootbotanicals.com/html/Margi_flint.html for contact information and registration details.