The Spirit of the Tongue

Vata Pitta Kapha
“Medium long, thin and dry.” “Flame-like, reddish, elongated” Round, full, damp, pale, short
Elongated or thin and like a taut muscle. Withered Matthew Wood after Christopher Hobbs

The following table summarizes the conditions that can be indicated through general tongue analysis:

Overall tongue condition Association
Easily comes out, even light red color, even rooted coating, stationary, strong, moist M.W. Healthy
Branched line Two or more organs affected by a common cause
Prolapsed dome Atonic or prolapsed condition
Domed, swollen, or wet area Stagnation, weak, atonic tissue
Chained lines Chronic weakness, longstanding infections.
Island Area that has been scarred or healed broken bone
Jagged lines Sudden or acute infection having damaged that organ
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