Chapter 42 • The Hands

Polarity correspondences in the hands and feet

Ether is the space between cells, connection to spirit, God, Goddess, Great Spirit, the Universal Life Force, crown chakra. Illnesses that show up on this pathway are the “itis-es”: arthritis, gastritis, and bursitis. There can be joints, intercellular issues. Issues around taking in or giving out criticism.

Air is you in relation to the world, your relation to other life forms, your verbal expression to others, the fifth or throat chakra. Issues show up in the lungs, throat, and the endocrine system.

Fire is your vital energy, the vibration of the central nervous system, third chakra. Issues show up as depressions, autoimmune problems, and metabolism problems.

Water is your emotional self, all the waters in your body, second chakra. Issues show up in the reproductive area, kidneys, thighs, and bladder.

Earth is all the heavy parts, bones, feces, survival, the root or first chakra. Issues show up as constipation, diarrhea, digestive problems and control issues.


William LeSassier recommended the book Diagnosis based upon the observation of Palmer Lines, authored by Wang Cherxia. He shared that when one finger turns toward another it gives it energy.

Hands facing backward while a person walks may indicate hypothyroidism.

A callus on a finger may be from the constant rubbing, “worrying it”. Test the hydration of the body by pinching the flesh on top of the hand. It should immediately return to normal. Staying puckered indicated lack of water.


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