Stomach corresponds to the nose and upper lip and the toe next to the big toe. Digestive problems are indicated by rashes or pimples near the edge of the nostrils. Gut instincts. Courage.

Stomach also reflexes to the tongue in general. The surface of the tongue reveals the absolute condition of your interior. The central area of the tongue is the stomach. A lot of crevices indicate poor digestion. Many people are born with a dividing line, so a dividing line is not necessarily a diagnostic line. The central line is the line of digestion in general; it is also the line of the spine. If you have a wiggle in your central line, you may have scoliosis, a cervical problem, or something turned or bulging in the spine. The front part of the tongue corresponds to the cervical spine.

If you have crevices in the tongue that are irritated and going off to the side, the more red and irritated-looking they are, the more heat is in the system. This may be indigestion, too much hydrochloric acid, or gastric ulcer, or lack of intrinsic factor. Excess acids will show up as a vertical, central deep line on the bottom lip and sometimes the top lip. This line may indicate an ulcer when red in the center. Hanging skin from the back of arms indicates low stomach acid. The pituitary gland is related to stomach issues.

Gum problems, mouth ulcers indicate stomach heat. M.W. Fermentation of foods is indicated by gas – upper or lower. Bloating can occur from stagnation in the stomach caused by too little stomach fire or too many fluids while eating meals. Amylase is required for good digestion. Avoid toothpaste with glycerine in it! Try making your own!

Yummy Toothpaste

Create in a dark glass jar with a tight lid.

Bentonite or Zeolite finely meshed clay

Aloe vera

Sea Buckthorn Oil

10 drops per ounce of completed mixture, stirred until it has the consistency of toothpaste: Essential oils of Tea tree, Peppermint, Rose, or one drop of Cinnamon, Thyme or Clove.

The upper lip, if it is pale, means there is not enough digestive fire going to the stomach and not enough blood circulating through the system. Paleness is always a lack of blood. M.W.

Keeping the mouth open all the time indicates blocked sinus or poor digestion. Lines on the right side of the lips going down to the corner of the chin refer to the duodenum, (look to the pancreas and bile flow). Mouth sores, red dot in white circle, indicate excess heat (needs vitamin E).

The pyloric valve reflexes to the left corner of the mouth going down to meet the chin. Look at the corner of your mouth and draw a line down and across following the dent above your chin; that is the area of the pyloric valve. People with pylorus issues have a lot of deep, irritated-looking lines coming down from their mouths. They’re not producing enough enzymes so they’re not digesting their foods enough. These cracks in particular can be vitamin B deficiencies. B vitamins are the first to go under stress. Elders don’t die of old age; they die of starvation. They’re eating foods but not receiving benefits from them. If there is redness and irritation there is heat.

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