From 9 to 11 am you worry about work. The spleen produces white blood cells and stores excess red cells. It is an integral part of the immune system. Spleen is another worry organ. People who think too much have spleen issues – the entire Vata population of the world. Spleen issues show up as prolapses of any kind: prolapsed uterus, prolapsed rectum, prolapsed bladder, prolapsed intestine. Men have as many of these issues as women, except that men have prostate issues. It is all about thinking. You know, I think all the time. The hardest thing for me to do is shut it off. So what do I have to do? Meditate.

September Morning by Margi Flint
September Morning

“The spleen is like the scrap heap of the blood system because it removes broken down red-blood cells from the blood and rejuvenates the good ones for further use.” John Courtney said. Very ecological.

One indication will be little choppy lines across the forehead. Also on the face, these lines come down the side of the face from the outer edge of the eye and wash down into the cheek. Think of a rainfall in the desert, or being at the beach when the waves come out. You will see little rivulets, lines that wiggle down. They look like those dried rivulets. Those are spleen lines. They’re different from laugh lines. When anyone scrunches their face, they have those little ‘crow’s feet.’ Those lines are just laugh lines or being out in the sun too much. To check that, ask somebody, “Are you a landscaper? Are you out in the sun all the time?” They will have facial lines just from working outdoors. Weathered – what does the sun do? It melts the protective fat layer in your skin. The skin becomes leathery. The cheek may be sunken which may indicate wasting of the spleen or lung. Doug Simons recommends Chaparral oil for “all conditions of the sun.” Coconut oil is also wonderful.

People who bloat and swell after eating have congestion in the stomach and spleen. Taking astringents prior to meals and taking in less water will help. W.Le. Look to intrinsic factor deficiency.

People who dwell on the past are spleen people. For example, somebody got divorced and twenty years later they’re still really angry. Still dwelling on the money, time, and hopes lost. Whatever.

People with spleen issues have a tendency to get styes in their eyes. They tend to have redness in the outer corners of their eyes. The most common injury to the spleen is dampness. So a lot of New Englanders, where I’m from, have spleen issues.

Look for pain on the left side under the ribs, low appetite, sallow to yellow skin, scanty urine and weakness.

Pale lips indicate not enough blood in the stomach and spleen. The stomach energy consumes all their blood, or, they don’t have enough heat and blood produced. This is what William LeSassier calls “stomach anemia”. Absence of fire. Eat warming foods between 7:00 and 9:00 am.

Another indication is scalloped edges on the tongue. It takes a tremendous amount of pressure from inner tension to make these indentations. People with puffy scalloped tongues benefit from drinking tea of Poria. Lalou Bégué, my acupuncturist, and William both have suggested this white curly shaving of fungus. “Poria dries and astringes the abdominal.” Also try Goldenrod, Solidago Canadensis, tea – the leaves – as an infusion.

“Cook Slippery Elm, cut and sifted (one tight handful to 32 ounces cold water), and decoct until it has separated. The color is blood red and the texture is about that of blood. At that point, though it still has an action on the colon, I think its primary action is on the spleen. Love and Light,” Phyllis Light.

Without a spleen there is more risk of infection. Be cautious with fevers. Bartram suggests using New Jersey tea (Red Root). My experience with Red Root is that it opens blocked or severed channels to allow an even flow.

When there are spleen issues, a tiny kidney bean shape pops out along the inner eye-socket. I have had clients who were in high-speed car accidents. Bang, the sudden stop, and the organs fly forward. And all of a sudden this little kidney bean pops out above the eye. It can appear on either eye socket. Even when people have their spleen removed the kidney bean seems to stay forever. With a car accident it can be there and then after a number of years go away. But if the organ is removed, that little kidney bean appears to stay.

Enlarged spleen may indicate anemia, leukemia or malaria. When swollen, the spleen bulges out like a football along the side of the torso along the rib tips. Use Thuja. I haven’t seen malaria yet. Herbs to consider besides Red Root are Goldenseal, Bayberry, Echinacea, Barberry, Dandelion and Fringe Tree bark. Chemotherapy? Try Astragalus; Agrimony when irritable. Add B12, zinc, vitamin A, and soluble iron to support the spleen.

Pancreas deals with blood sugar and relates to spleen directly.

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