Specific Papillae Indications

I see all the filiform papillae from teeny red dots to large pale pink spots as representing an immune or lymph imbalance. Dots indicate heat coming from a deeper level up through the superficial tissues. The redder the dots are, the more active the inflammatory response. The more inactive pale, pink spots represent lymphatic stagnation.

The following table describes indications associated with tongue coating:

Papillae description Indications Papillae description Indications

Small dots, tend to be toward tip. Allergies. M.W.
Allergic response- Look to red cheeks, red puffiness beneath eyes, inflammation. Hawthorn, M.F.
Raised red papillae on back third / center
Heat in intestines and urinary tract. Hemorrhoids, cystitis, Urethritis
Heat in spleen, stomach, intestines.
W. Le.

Larger dots, tend toward mid and lower. M.W.
Swollen lymphatics
Larger the dot the bigger the heat.
Mid to lower region = lymph

Raised red papillae all over
Systemic infection, septicemia, infection, heat in the blood (Echinacea, Baptisia).

Tiny dots on tongue body
Swollen glands, systemic infection. Immune challenge
Small red dots toward the tip
Allergies or irritability of the mucosa
Heat in the heart

Red or pink papillae with dry tongue M.W.
Peach leaf.
Dots toward the back of the tongue
Heat in the intestines

Pink spots up and down the sides of the tongue. M.W.
Old unresolved infections in the lymphatics.
Calendula. M.W.

Dots at sides
Heat in liver
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