Specific Indications of the Teeth and Gums

The following table describes specific tooth indications:

Tooth condition Indication
“Chaotic teeth” W.LeS. Internal strife in early life.
Lack of Vitamin A in the womb. P.D. L.
Perfectly aligned teeth Pitta
Cavities abundant Lack of calcium Use 1 teaspoon Horsetail hyemale daily powdered , take 6 days off and repeat. Doug Simons
Grinding teeth Parasites, lack of calcium
Much tooth decay with a dry tongue Lack of saliva to protect the teeth, yin deficiency. Christopher Hobbs. Use American Ginseng
Jaw pain, deep in the bone Decalcification, Use 1 teaspoon Horsetail hyemale daily powdered , take 6 days off and repeat. D Simons. Medical testing if persists.
Receding gums Liver deficiency D.Simons.
Gum wounds Agrimony aerial parts. Christopher Hedley
Tooth Ache Yarrow root. Christopher Hedley

Crooked teeth indicate “Poor digestive upbringing.” William LeSassier

Doug Simons sat cross-legged under his wide straw hat, New Mexican sun and earth our classroom, he shared many new thoughts. “Toothpaste is made with glycerin. Glycerin makes your teeth look shiny and feel smooth. Pretty. Glycerin stops the production of Amylase and impedes the production of saliva. Amylase and saliva are needed to avoid cavities and maintain healthy digestion!”

Teeth need opposing pressure. Try Black Willow twigs, snap them to create a chisel edge and firmly press against teeth – drawing the stick from gum to tip.” It takes about three strokes a tooth, which sounds like a lot of time, but actually takes the same amount of time as responsible tooth brushing. You simply press and drag- it feels great and gives you something constructive to do in the car. Then massage your gums down toward the tips of teeth and back into place.” No more receding gums! He views receding gums as a liver deficiency and recommends bitters prior to meals- a few drops of tincture into water.

Doug uses Red Root and Chaparral tea to rinse the mouth with whenever there are painful teeth. “Eat Garlic and Greens”.

Yummy Toothpaste

Create in a dark glass jar with a tight lid.

Bentonite or Zeolite finely meshed clay

Aloe vera

Sea Buckthorn Oil

10 drops per ounce of completed mixture, stirred until it has the consistency of toothpaste: Essential oils of Tea tree, Peppermint, Rose, or one drop of Cinnamon, Thyme or Clove.

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