Chapter 48 • Quicksight Confirmations

Use these pages as a “Monarch note” version of all that has been shared before. For quick reference, two pages will contain visual and written reminders for each organ or body part. Remember to note the body type: Vata, Pitta or Kapha.

General Indications

Hot indicates upward motion Red Fast
Cold indicates downward motion Pale Slow
Damp indicates inward stagnation ~~~ Puffy Mucus – heavy Sing-song voice
Dry indicates outward evaporation Insomnia Dark urine Itchy
Wind indicates uncontrolled movement ~~~ Irregularities
Concave areas indicate prolapse, atonic conditions.
Convex indicates weak tissue Wet Boggy Stagnation
Skin with tight, dense, clear porosity indicates a strong constitution.
Large pored skin indicates a more sensitive, “open to receive” constitution.
Pathology may exist when one side is different
“Liver rules the smooth flow of emotions across the body, then stomach, then bowels.” W.Le.


White Pale Anemic Shock Lung
Gray Large intestine
Ruddy Gallbladder
Red Heat Heart
Yellow Gallbladder
Yellow/brown Deficiency in Stomach
Lemon yellow Pancreas
Blue Lack of oxygen
Purple indicates infection, stagnation
Black chemotherapy, extreme fungal infection


Shen, Spirit, presence, who is home? “Pupils should be even, round and accommodating.” W.Le.
Alternating – adrenal stress Dilated – lack of enervation from low blood sugar.


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