Pupils should dilate under light and respond evenly. William said “The iris is the primary way of substantiating issues.” He turned to the iris when he couldn’t find the issue elsewhere.

The following table summarizes associations with pupil conditions:

Pupil condition Association
Contracting/dilating Weak adrenals, hypothalamus. Vata. (Ginseng, Licorice).
Extreme contraction (miosis) Disease of spinal cord or nervous system disorders. Heat, contraction. Pitta.
Extreme dilation (mydriasis) Epilepsy, severe anemia, TB, LSD use, irritation of nervous system. Kapha. Lack of enervation from low blood sugar.
Uneven right to left pupil Head injury, MS, sarcoidosis.

“When you give the right remedy, very often the eyes shine. Watch for it.” Matthew Wood.

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