Pulse Positions

Pulse Position Correspondences

Family History
Left Wrist
Small intestine
Person now
Right Wrist
Large intestines
Kidney YangDeep
Triple heater
More simply:
Kidney water
Weak = inherited constitution, essence, must rest
Kidney Fire
Weak = Acquired constitution, vitality, diet, exercise

In Chinese medicine the Pericardium is the outer protective shield of the heart. The Triple Heater is the functional relationship between organs that regulate water. Kidney water is the endocrine system in active fiery manifestation. Heart stores the spirit Shen. Liver stores, and is in charge of spreading Chi. Kidneys store the essence. Lungs, pneuma, is the spirit from birth to death. Yin Organs are the heart, lungs, spleen, liver, and kidneys. The pericardium’s function is to produce, transform regulate & store Chi, blood, Jing, Shen and fluids. Yang Organs are the gallbladder, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, bladder and triple burner. Yang Organs receive, break down, and absorb that part of the food, which will be transformed into fundamental substances, and transport and excrete the unused portion.

Hold the elbow with your hand, cradling the relaxed arm of the person in the crook of your arm. Keep a breathe between fingers holding the pulse points. The ultra basics are to look at tubes, pumps, fluids and ground substance. The ideal pulse has root, runs from side to side beneath fingers deep, has stomach Chi, has Shen: stability of rate, amplitude and is evenly distributed between positions. When the pulse is weak build the essence. When the pulse changes, is weak, feeble or absent supplement the essence. When forceful eliminate and purge. When the pulse has tension, is wiry and tense like a guitar string, treat the nervous system. When nothing is there the When the interstitial tissue is wet “cotton” between the skin and surface of the vessel. When nothing is their look to hypothyroid, lack of movement, depression. When it is ropey it indicates atherosclerosis.

Formulation by touch

Check with the back of your hand the wrist, inner elbow, behind the knee and inner ankle. How many are hot, cold, wet, dry- that number is the same proportion, reversed, of the herbal formula!

William Morris

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