Pelvic Floor

The pelvis reflexes to the jaw. Chi, feeling centered. The jaw line mimics the line of the pelvic floor. If you were to lift up the pelvis and superimpose it onto the jaw line, you can read the location. Does a pimple appear at the lower cheek at ovulation each month, alternating sides, or only break out on the odd months? (Ovaries). Is there a break out around the lips just prior to bleeding? (Uterus). Are there vertical lines above the lips, one side or both? (Lack of ovarian function). Are there pimples along the jaw line? Look to stagnation in the pelvic floor, hip issues, pelvic inflammatory disease.

Brown pigmentation on the jaw indicates pelvic toxicity and a connection to imbalance in the pineal gland. “Acniform sores on the chin (red, sore, similar to acne), especially at ovulation, equal high estrogen, estrogen stress, or bleeding/cramping (test White Peony root). A constant angry red pimple over the ovary area may be a fibroid or tumor. A small chin indicates less water element (reproductive energy). A large, cleft chin indicates being driven by the reproductive organs.” William LeSassier.

Did the person just get their teeth cleaned a few weeks prior to the onset of problems? The bacteria in the human mouth are strong and when the teeth are cleaned they are dumped directly into the lymphatic system. Sublingual (under the tongue) is the fastest route to the entire bloodstream. Scrape bacteria and plaque off the teeth and off it goes. Systemically. Ask if they have had an abscessed tooth. Take two squirts of Echinacea and Calendula every four hours the day before and after teeth are cleaned.

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