Overall Tongue Condition

The following table describes specific tongue indications:

Overall tongue condition Association
Pale Cold, blood and Chi deficient, bleeding
Flaccid Atonic, weak
Swollen tongue, domed Tissue swelling in that organ
Edema, spleen.
If red, excess heart fire; if pale, excess cold or damp
Trembles, shakes Adrenal exhaustion, low blood sugar or lethargic, weak. Liver wind- spasticity D.W.
Look to pupils for contracting and dilating, trembling hands.
Central red Heat in the stomach, intestines, spleen.
The more red toward the tip indicates severe upper burner heat
Geographic or mapped tongue Phlegm fire, heat baking down fluids, thickened fluids blocking heat. “Dark, red tongue tissue covered by thick white or sometimes yellow coating, ripped off in patches. Always Dandelion!” Mono.
“Poor digestive upbringing. Parasites.”
Frothy streamers down sides Dampness in spleen, lungs. M.W.
Need for astringents, warmth. M.W.
Not breaking foods down. W.M.
Coating over tip Mental confusion
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