The liver reflexes to the eyes. Any change in vision – focus being dull, then improving later in the day; thickening of the tissues (cataracts); wet or dry eyes – all reflex to the liver. Liver also reflexes to the big toe, near the outer edges of the inner nail bed. The emotional expression is anger expressed or anger held in. “The smooth flow of emotions across the body.” as William said. Have you ever noticed how alcoholics rage? All that firewater is hard on the liver. Raging alcoholic. Alcohol abuse is just looking for God, or the god within, in the wrong direction. Eighty-five percent of our population is either directly in relationship with an alcoholic, or one indirectly affects their lives. The liver is the metabolic headquarters for the body.

“Fire and fuel (blue blood) and air (red blood) and valve (autonomic nervous system) equals smooth metabolic flow. Otherwise, toxins build up, creating issues like allergies, blood sugar conditions, cholesterol imbalances and hormonal issues. Malnutrition also becomes an issue indicated by heat, dry or congestion (damp).” M.W.

Some indications include a central vertical line between the eyes. Sighing constantly is a sign of liver Chi stagnation – life is too much for you. The ears tone a low droning sound; there may be headaches at the temporal lobe. Clear floaters in the line of vision indicate anemia; dark floaters indicate toxicity. Worrying about the future. The pointer (index) finger reflexes to the liver.

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