The following table summarizes mouth and lip characteristics and associations:

Mouth/lip description Association
Simple lip, equal in proportion Fewest of digestive problems. They tend to have really great constitutions and can eat anything.
Fussy lip, Batman lips More trouble digesting
Small upper lip Carbohydrates Okay
Corners turn down Makes digestion unhappy. Liver Chi stagnation. W.Le.
Vata, stress. P.D.L.
Drooping Lyme disease, palsy, forceps birth
Cracks and dryness B-vitamin deficiency, fatty acid deficiency , yin deficiency, irritation, dryness D.W.
Cracks or ulcers at corners Vitamin B2 deficiency. Ulcerative colitis
Central crack down the center Irritation from gastric juices
Chapped lower lip Lack of spleen and pancreas function
Mouth open all the time Poor digestion, sinus blockage, swollen tissues. People who always have their mouth open usually have poor digestion from swallowing a lot of air with food and while talking.
Dark outlining of the lips Excess melanin production, hormonal imbalance. Pineal gland.
Dry cracked lips, coated tongue Stagnant heat, fermenting
Inside lips blue
Inside lips angry red
Lack of oxygen to center
High blood pressure, ulcer, cardiac issue, gastritis
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