LeSassier Tongue Diagram

The following table describes areas of the tongue and their relationship to areas of the body:

Area of the tongue Area of the body
Whole tongue Heart
Back – swollen red fungiform papillae Old infections in bloodstream
Back left Kidney
Back central Large intestine
Central line wiggle Scoliosis/vertebrae out
Central line Spine/digestive tube endocrine system
Central line, crosshatched cross-hatching may indicate pathology
Center line, curve toward side Hiatal Hernia
Back right Uterus
Central left Liver
Central rear Small intestine
Central right Gallbladder
Center Stomach/spleen
Central front Lung
Edges Blood stream, lymphatics
overall stress level
Angry colored fissure Possible pathology
Edges, lines Breast changes
Tip Throat, sinuses, mind
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