Chapter 44 • Large Intestine Lines

The large intestine line follows the cheekbone curving from near the inner eye socket to near the outer lip along the nose. The depth, pouching, forking, and shapes running along this line are all indicators of the tone, transit time and vitality of the organ. The more droop along the cheek/nose line that forms a pouch, as though the tissue is a little bit plump and then it’s hanging over, the more serious the issue.

The following table summarizes conditions indicated by examining large intestine lines:

Facial line Diagram Indication
Large intestine line Early indication of sluggish elimination
Blue coloration in line – pull cheek away from nose to note coloration. Lack of oxygenation, lack of blood circulation
Pimples in line Toxicity, re-absorption of fecal matter
A feathered line Delicate constitution, sensitive to foods and environment
A pouched line, plump which droops over Stagnation, diet low in fiber and/or rich in carbohydrates
A forked line Scar from a polyp removed; it is as though it has created a pinch in the system
Scar from lesion, hemorrhoid, fissure
Forked line with opposite line or lines beginning to create a diamond shape Stagnation in the large intestine caused by a blockage, tumor, prolapse W.LeS.
A diamond shape, and within the diamond is a puffy pouch. This is much more dramatic than a “plain” pouch. “Pathology island”
Schedule colonoscopy

Look to the upper forehead, base of skull headache, fingernails with ridges, skin outbreaks, candida and tension in muscles.

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