Heart corresponds to the shape and coloration of the tongue and nose. High blood pressure shows as red coloration on the curled edges of the ears. Variations in red coloration on face in general indicate heart issues. Heart is the expression of joy that is under or over-expressed or given and received. The heart is “the King”, as William said. “One never goes directly to the King. All other organs work for the well being of the King and therefore the kingdom prospers.” Pitta relates to the heart.

Palpitations are often hyperthyroidism or nervousness. A slow beat indicates the Kapha body type and lethargy. M.W. An irregular heartbeat indicates poor electrical connections. Reddish complexion indicates heat in the heart or rosacea. Cold hands and feet indicate poor circulation through the veinous system, thyroid imbalance, heart disease or diabetes.


You Need Good Boundaries to Be Open

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