The following table summarizes indications associated with the color gray: Gray coloration indicates a lack of oxygenation and depletion.

Indicator Association
FACE Ashen gray Lung, shock, dehydration, too much carbon monoxide.
Yellow/gray complexion with blue/purple tones around veins Poor lipid metabolism (Angelica). M.W.
CHEEKS Hollow and gray Depressed lung function, tobacco, emphysema and marijuana. Pimples, psoriasis, may not be eliminating wastes through lungs. Deep breathing is paramount. “Gray coloration in the cheeks indicates poor oxidation from the lungs or tight capillaries. Tension. ” M.W.
SCLERA Gray sclera Constipation or sluggish bowels.
TONGUE Gray mucus on back third Sluggish bowel, constipation, smoking and excess heat. Smoking creates little holes in the roof of your mouth. Gross.
Dirty, gray coloring Looks just like Echinacea Angustifolia root. Use it. Also Red Root.
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