General Eye Condition

The following table summarizes conditions that can be indicated by general eye conditions:

Eye Description Association
Floaters in eyes. These are floaters that the person sees in their vision. Liver, gallbladder, general eye problems, poor metabolism.
Bulging eyes Look to hyperthyroid. “Looks like a hunted animal.” Lycopus. M.W.
Mucus in eyes Bacterial build-up. Rosemary eyewash (Graf). Goldenseal, Eyebright. M.W.
Weeping or running eyes Weak kidneys. Sumac or other astringent. M.W.
Conjunctivitis. Big red splotches. Generalized redness with allergies (Goldenrod).
Bloodshot (Ambrosia Ragweed). Nicole Telkes
Eye sand Pineal Gland.
Crust where lashes meet lid Lyme Disease.
Eyelashes Crossing Parasites.
Eyes water Lack of oils or waters.
Eyes can’t focus Growth of fibrin, hardening of eyeball. Liver, Lyme.
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