The gallbladder reflexes to the temple and is indicated by tics and twitches. The headache is “an icepick in the temple”. It also reflexes to the toe next to the little toe. Lack of “egoic will” manifests in gallbladder issues. Passive aggressive behavior. Feeling galled. Well, she had a lot of gall! The gallbladder manages bile. When out of balance, you can’t eat fats and process them. “A Little job, big importance.” MW

People always have indigestion with gallbladder issues, and after a high fat meal they feel pain or discomfort in gallbladder and liver area. Pain can refer into the back and over the shoulders and be intense! Bloating, tics and clay stools are other symptoms. A gallbladder headache comes over the left side, up from the back and over the front. Gallbladder people often have prominent veins on the sides of their faces. The angrier they get, the more the veins stick out. Veins sticking out can also be a heart issue. Heart-related issues are often red veins and the gallbladder ones are more blue.

William always says, “Pay attention to where you’re itching.” If you have an itch, what organ is it over? That’s very interesting to me. So if you have an itch somewhere constantly, go to your anatomy book and see what organ is underneath there. Good advice.

The coloration of a gallbladder circle under the eye is brown to yellow, all gradations of yellow to brown. Dandruff is a sign of gallbladder issue. There’s a difference between dandruff and dry scalp. Dandruff sticks to the hair; dry scalp doesn’t. People who produce a lot of earwax will often have a gallbladder issue…interesting. Often the wax buildup is in one ear. Wax is kind of sticky and oily. Look for yellow colorations in sclera, skin, and tongue coating.

People with gallbladder problems also often have boundary issues. When I interview a client, I always try to mix up the emotional components, the societal components, the physical symptoms, because you’ll get as much in a conversation with a person about how they’re living, as what you’re seeing from the lines.

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