Eye Sockets

The area under the eyes (eyes socket) is the only part of the skin that does not sweat. Therefore it shows the condition of the kidneys.

A half circle under the eye, only partway, is less serious. If a condition extends past the mid-point, the dividing line, it is a more serious liver issue. If it’s halfway you have very good chances of having pretty quick results. “If the line goes further across, you’re just going to have to work longer with them.” Kay Parent.

The following table summarizes associations with conditions under the eyes:

Color/condition Association
Distance of indication Indication traveling past center-line is more serious. Longer recuperation.
Puffy bags under eyes Kidney/bladder weakness, edema (Nettles, Parsley).
Black Adrenal exhaustion (Ginseng, Licorice, Siberian Ginseng, Spikenard – Aralia Racemosa). W.Le.
Spikenard for “The journey too long.” M.W.
Black line following socket Specific food allergy D.W.
Crosshatching Diverticulitis.
Dark, cross-hatched wrinkles;
look to butt pimples, foot odor, toenail fungus
Toxic lymph fluids, stagnation in kidney, toxic colon.
Puffy with brown coloration Toxic lymph fluids, skin tags over lymphatic areas, stagnation in kidney, toxic colon.
Drooping bag beneath Turbidity and edema in extremities. M.W.
Brown Adrenal or kidney weakness (Teasel, Sarsaparilla).
Puffy, brown washed,
darkness under the eyes
Sinus infection or bronchitis.
Brown wash, sepia Stagnation of liver (Dandelion).
Orange, raised patches Not assimilating Vitamin A, carotinoids.
Red swelling beneath eye, above orbit Allergies. With ADHD use hawthorn.
Look to lack of intrinsic factor
Gray-black or bluish Prone to low BP, stagnation, water retention, coldness.
Yellow around eyes, red cheeks
Liver, gallbladder (Oregon Grape root, Balmony, Fringe Tree bark).
Yellow dock M.W.
Emaciating around the eyes,
eyes becoming nervous and alert
“Drain on system” from chronic disease, indicating silica containing remedies. (Avena, Equisetum, Couchgrass). M.W.
From Eli Jones.
Dry beneath eye
Dry beneath with insecurity
Fluids depleted
Fluids depleted in lungs use American Ginseng. M.W.
Use American Spikenard Aralia M.W.
Sharp dark blackish-bluish color Low in iron, usually pale face. Pain and cramps.
Rut-like, sunken Long-standing exhaustion.
Blue with slight black. Caved in, sunken, translucent Mild adrenal exhaustion. Up too late, studying too hard, kids in boarding school or college, lack of sleep, worrying while sleeping. Sleep is the main remedy.
Blue, puffy “moonstone” rectangle at outer eye orbit Acute pain
White of eyeball showing beneath iris Deficient, may consume too much sugar
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