Chapter 40 • Examining the Tongue


A healthy tongue is pink and evenly coated, with a light rooted coating. There could be a straight central line, the primary fold from birth, with no crevasses, indentations or marks. The tongue sticks straight out easily so that you can see two-thirds of it and it does not shake. Big bumps on the back of the tongue are normal, fungiform papillae. Mushroom-like. Hold the tongue out for 15 seconds and rest.

Tongue scraping is great; it rids the body of bacteria and toxins. A tongue scraper is a stainless steel U-shaped device. You place it at the back of the tongue and scrape forward. All of the toxins from your night of cleansing during sleep are pulled forward and dumped into the sink. Easy. You can boil it occasionally or throw it into the dishwasher. Don’t ever brush your tongue with the toothbrush. All the bacteria are lodged into the filaments and they grow and multiply to join you the next time you brush. Disgusting. Recent medical tests indicate that daily tongue scraping reduces bacterial throat infections up to sixty percent. Scraping cleanses the bloodstream and increases Qi. Nice.


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