Chapter 34 • Examining the Face

Be sure to ask if they have any scars. The more open the pores of the skin are, the more vulnerable you are.

Acne indicates re-absorption of waste, long transit time, constipation.

Note the location of any mole and the corresponding organ.

“The pathological face” as drawn by Matthew Wood and re-drawn by Kay Parent.The Pathological Face

The following table summarizes conditions that can be observed through general facial analysis:

Facial indicator or area Association
Hairline Bladder/kidney
Face pale Weakness, depletion, anemia. Blood not in stomach or spleen.
Face puffy Stagnation
FOREHEAD Upper Large intestine
Lower Small intestine
Lines to one side Problem is on that side. W.Le.
Chopped up lines Gut stress, colitis, irritable bowel
Wiggly horizontal lines Too much thinking, small intestine. “Dwelling on the past”. Spleen, stomach.
SIDE of HEAD Edge of ear to eyebrow, the indent Feel the area to feel the quality of the oil coming from the liver. Rough is gallstones. Spleen
Left side, one inch inside hair line, bump that feels like a pimple with no head Pituitary
Cheeks Lungs
Diagonal line from Large intestine line toward center of eye Gravity line. The day, at a certain age, when tissues relax and reach for the Earth.
EYES Under eyes, puffy Kidneys
Under eyes puffy outer crest of socket Food allergies
Under eyes, brown coloration Liver
Under eyes, blue black coloration Liver, adrenal, allergy
Under eyes, blue puffy rectangle, outer eye socket orbit Acute pain
Wiggly vertical line between eyes Hiatal hernia, tension in solar plexus, tightness across chest
Horizontal line, midline between eyes Adrenals. Coffee drinkers.
Vertical lines, to edges of eyes Gallbladder
Wiggly vertical lines outside eyes, running down outer cheek Spleen, stomach weakness
Horizontal lines between eyes Asthma, holding breath
Outside, pale blue, puffy rectangle Intense pain
NOSE Central Stomach/lungs
Tip Heart
EARS Red High blood pressure
Diagonal crease in lobe Collapsed capillary bed, heart problem, most often associated with dehydration in uterus, liver (all are endocrine-functioning organs)
DEEP FURROW From inner eye, curving along cheekbone Large intestine. Habitual laxative use (coffee). Firm hard line, puffy, that may fork at end, may be toxic pathology if line rejoins (an island in the colon).
Forked line, deeper at V Has had surgery
Drooping line along cheekbone Sagging large intestine
Feathered line along cheekbone Atonic, weak
Blackheads, with purple coloration of furrow Stagnation
Pencil lips Contraction
Lower lip Intestines. Central red crack = ulcer. Blue red is deep fever. M.W.
Jaw line The pelvic floor. Look to the area of an eruption in relation to the area of the pelvis. Look to dental abscess/infection as the cause of systemic or specific pelvic infection.
Temporal Mandibular joint clenched, unmoving Look to hips
Neck Double rings, one above thyroid, one below Early warning to longstanding thyroid imbalance
Large bulge over thyroid, sometimes to side Goiter (thyroid)
Hard pea to larger lump on esophagus near thyroid Nodule on thyroid

Other Body Associations

Indicator or area Association
Longer Toe beside Big Toe Lack of intrinsic factor
Hiatal hernia Ileocecal valve
Dry Skin, bumps on backs of arms Omega 3 Oil and calcium deficient
Late August by Margi Flint
Late August
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