Chapter 39 • Examining the Chin

“When examining the chin, move it around, and check for adhesions.”

The following table summarizes chin characteristics and associations. All are from William unless otherwise noted.

Chin description Association
Small chin
in relation to the rest of the face
Low libido, weak water element.
Large chin
in relation to the rest of the face
Strong libido, strong constitution for digestion.
Dimple Not so strong libido and constitution
Cleft Driven by reproductive organs. Strong.
Pimples over ovary points Cyst, fibroid or tumor
Irregular lumpy tissue in the chin, palpate with fingers Toxins and lumps in the pelvic region.
Pimple on one side Ovary on that side
Whole area breaks out Lymph system in pelvic floor.
Polycystic Ovary syndrome, multiple follicular cysts
Lines, broken or wiggly, from lip corners to chin Small Intestine spasticity

Examining Beneath the Chin

Chin description Association
Brown pigment, skin tags Toxicity of the lymphatics beneath
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