Chapter 45 • Elimination

Night Carriage

Matt Wood and I had a discussion on this subject, at which time he took notes – and here they are. One herbalist who is not embarrassed to ask people about their intimate bodily functions is Margi Flint. Thus she is an expert in diagnosis from the stool, as I found out while interviewing her at her busy office in Marblehead, MA. The “perfect bowel movement” says Margi, “is brown, about an inch or slightly more in diameter, a good seven inches to ten inches long, comes out perfectly when one is prompted to relieve oneself, moves easily and evenly when one sits down, forms a round curly-cue – like soft serve ice cream – slowly sinks to the bottom of the toilet gracefully and leaves one in a good mood.” Deviations from this are evidence of disharmony manifesting in the digestive tract.


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