Color of Sclera

The study of sclerology, the study of the red lines in the sclera, was taught by Dr. Sundance, an Indian medicine man in Idaho, to Dori Denton ND and later used by William LeSassier.

“Below the sclera, broken blood vessels equal the digestive triangle.” William LeSassier.

The following table summarizes conditions that can be indicated by the color of the sclera:

Color Association
Pale blue Anemia, poor circulation, nutrient and oxygen depletion.
Blue in whites of eyes Lack of oxygen.
Yellow Kidney/bladder weakness, edema (Nettles, Parsley).
Yellow-brown Liver.
Greenish Gallbladder, poor bile formation.
Red Excessive heat, “reckless blood”; inflammation of liver, stomach, colon. The inner sclera especially indicates colon congestion.
Red at edges Some blood in some organs.
Purplish tint Mononucleosis.
Pasty, off-white Excess mucus, lymphatic congestion.
White spaces, red veins Carbon monoxide poisoning.
Gray Poor elimination, constipation, sluggish bowel.
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