Characteristic Association
Ruts in front Past or present lung weakness, asthma, pneumonia. Ask if they bit their tongue, a scar.
Curved lines at edge Spleen deficiency, tons of gas.
Dry digestion. Vata.
Enzyme issues. W.M.
pink or red
Depends on where it is most red
Scalloped edges B vitamin deficiency, weak “spleen”, small intestine. (GentianGinseng). Look to nails, forehead. “Too much worry.”
Ulcers in the scallops? Goldenseal. M.W.
Glossy, mirror-like Hot flashes, night sweats. W.M.
Not holding onto nutrients.
Central line Spinal column, digestive system, endocrine system
Wiggle of central line at tip Neck
Central line, chained, phlegm in stomach area B12 deficiency. Historical amount of worry & aggravation. Yarrow.
Curved line at first third Diaphram significance. M.W.
S-curved line across middle Diaphragm tension
Diaphragm area has a wiggle like an S Hiatal hernia
Central line angry red, raw, deep with yellowish mucus Ulcer, pre-ulcer. Heat in digestive tract.
Stress. Yarrow. M.W.
Cracks down the center, wiggly lines to the side Lack of assimilation. Look to nails, forehead. More crossing, redness and depth, the more pathology and heat. (Catnip, Yarrow).
Small, angular, crisscrossing on back third Bowel pockets.
Irritation of bowel, diverticulitis.
Slippery Elm, Yarrow.
Crisscrossing (as above) with red in the cracks Heat in the digestive tract. Diverticulitis. (Slippery Elm, Marshmallow). Look to nails, forehead. (Yarrow).
Big, white and pasty Hypothyroid
Puffy and pale Atonic organs, weak heart, edema. Kidney weakness.
Froth on edges, bubbles
Frothy streamers
Look to lungs, shallow breathing.
Dampness in spleen issuing out throughintestines or lungs.
Flat, wide tongue Organs have grown larger – high altitudes.
Twisted tongue Scoliosis, MS, Polio. Dyslexia.
Front is upper spine, mid is mid-spine, back is lower spine
Crooked tongue Liver wind, stroke, cranial nerve XII damage.
Very reliable.
If also purple or blue get to work to remove stagnant blood! M.W.
Canker sores on tongue Ulcers in digestive tract. (Melissa, Horsetail, Sage, Agrimony, Raspberry). Systemic over-acidity, herpes or syphilis, heat in upper burner. (Melissa, Horsetail, Goldthread, St. John’s Wort).
Deep furrows
Tip = lungs
middle = stomach
sides = liver (serious)
back sides = kidneys “really” M.W.
Dehydration, poor electrolyte balance. Ask if they have water filtration, it removes all minerals. Eat seaweed
Chopped hamburger meat Cancer. As the cancer progresses it looks as though a cleaver cut the meat many times. Eli Jones
Ground Ivy
Hollow rut, sides curl up Deficient.
Tooth marks on one or both sides Bronchial issue in past; pneumonia, bronchitis as a child
Slit at tip, double tooth marks Tonsils out
Sides cracked
Angry red or white patches that do not scrape
Breast changes, lymphatics.
May be pathology
Under tongue, stalagtite-like growths Serious vitamin B deficiency.
Inappropriate fat and cholesterol issues.
Crack down the middle, opening up Heat in digestive tract
Yarrow likely. M.W.
Blue veins under upturned tongue (sublingual engorgement)
Vericose blue
Blood stagnation, varicose veins, pelvic floor stagnation.
Internal heator external cold. W.M.
Exuberant heat/depletion of fluids.
Crack down the middle, opening up to reveal crossed cracks Yarrow
Stiff, hard Heat, contraction, pain
Withered, purple Heart deficiency, nutritional deficiency
Red edges Heat in liver or Gallbladder rising to head with wind creating anger, liver fire.liver time. M.W.
If only red at tip is heart fire or sinuses.
Contracted tongue, barely reaches beyond the teeth. Wasting disease, heart, blood deficiency
Many years on earth, atrophy
“Withered” Nutritional deficiency
Withdrawn, can not get it out Severely defiecient, possible nerve damage
With green and moist Cold, stiffening of muscles, vessels, tendons.
Dehydrated and cold- stiff muscles and tendons.
Withered and swollen Mucous and dampness have accumulated inside the organ
Plus pink and dry Impairment of body fluids by heat
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