Blue indicates lack of oxygen, stagnant venous blood, and dehydration. Low blood pressure, can’t handle cold, joints may be stiff.

The following table summarizes indications associated with the color blue:

Indicator Association
TONGUE Blue tongue body Can be poor circulation, heart disease, impaired respiration, asthma, or internal dampness.
Blue tongue body Before the period the tongue will be blue.
Blue tongue body, menopausal “Give remedies and the period will come.” M.W.
Red tongue with blue center, flame shaped Specific indication for Yarrow. M.W.
MOUTH Bluish white spots surrounded by red Measles.
EYE Sclera is clear/bluish Poor circulation or anemia.
Whites of eyes are blue Lack of circulation.
Below Eye Blue-black “allergic shiners” under the eye, like a black eye Food allergies or other long-term allergies; low immunity; marrow and kidneys decreased.
Blue-black pencil line under eye on orbital ridge Always a specific food allergy, like chocolate.
Beside Eye Light blue, puffy, outer corner going toward cheek Intense pain.
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