Somewhere in here is a connection to the amygdala. Our amygdala has to do hormonal secretions relating to the emotions of fear, anger, arousal and pleasure from past and present memories and motivations. On my “time line” these are the events with the greatest weight. Memory and emotions are combined in the amygdala, so trauma like being beaten, abused or degraded are stored in the cellular memory. DMT, Dimethyl-tryptamine, under extraordinary circumstances, is also produced by the pineal gland. Birth, some mushrooms and extreme emotions push the pineal to create DMT. Just as powerful stimuli are positive combinations of memory and emotion- being loved, accepted, cared for and praised. Many extremes can be favorable. Here I interject words from Kathleen Maier “The pineal gland is about transformation and transition.” This is where the moan comes in. “Orgasm is the little death- our egos dissolve and we give ourselves over to unite with the divine.”

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